Go from Mundane to Masterpiece with Me

Do you feel like your life has been put on hold? When your hectic life starts taking precedence over YOU, you are headed in the wrong direction, sista'. But that's okay because I've got you covered.
We have all been there at some point; working too much, feeling stressed and so tired of doing your day on repeat. You become way overdue for change.
As women, we juggle, put out fires, lace-it-with-love, move mountains and do superhuman feats. Our heartfelt abilities are everyone's blessings. But even with all of our superhero powers, it still seems impossible to balance it all. Our bumps and bruises make us stronger along the way, but it doesn't always feel like it. If we tap further into our Super-heroism, we can feel balanced while managing it all...
         katherinelogopainting (2)...like a superHERo!
I'm a single working mom, and many days I feel like I'm doing the same routine every single day. It's a challenge to figure out how to enjoy the day, no matter what it is that we are doing, but one that we can start changing now. Are you ready to welcome each day being excited about its outcome and experiences?
Let's start redesigning your life together today.♥Remove the weight of the world from your shoulders and put it into the palm of your hands. Create a life you love with me.♥
I'm an author who prefers calm over chaos, loves having control of my day, pursues my purpose and creates a life I'm passionate about.   I've been writing in support of busy women and moms for years and I want to first offer up my praise of your hard work and all of the tasks that you take on daily. How do we do it?! God only knows, but I'm with you. I watch you all do it and I work myself into exhaustion alongside you and I have always felt that there's definitely a better way. So I've created it in different forms.
Most come in the form of my books that I've written in order to share different ways of getting back on board with YOUR life. I no longer put my passions or hobbies on my back burner. I don't even USE the back burner anymore. I just keep things cooking on the front burners, and not just the dreaded laundry; fun stuff, too.
You deserve better and I want to make sure you get it.
My books are detailed below and all of them are sold on Amazon in paperback and ebook form. Each one of them has been written in order to help you thrive.
 My book on Amazon, #Live Simply #Live Elegantly, Your Life Journal, helps you to get organized and makes sure that you will be looking forward with a more organized home, head and heart.♥  #Live Simply #Live Elegantly Your Life Journal for $14.99 for the paperback on Amazon and $9.99 for the ebook, helps you put your head and home in sync with you and your life so that you can begin creating and living a life that you love. #Live Simply is part memoir, part journal to get you out of distraction and into a frame of mind that helps you to focus on living a happier and more fulfilled life. Click on the book link here: #Live Simply #Live Elegantly Your Life Journal
DailyPlanningBookCoverPreviewDaily Planning with a Purpose - Feel Accomplishment Every Day is a one-day-at-a-time daily planner that brings on a sense of “can-do” & accomplishment, making it easy to be the boss of your day. It takes five minutes a night to make your day fall into place & end with achievement. At the end of each day, check off what you've completed. Anything else gets moved to the next day and page.
Feel that sense of accomplishment and go to sleep knowing that you stayed on top of those 2 or 3 things that you really wanted to get done. There are 365 planning pages for 365 days of easy, stress-free planning. Feel organized with this planner. Don’t put “organization” off. Get all of your to-do’s finished so that you can focus on your fun & find a feeling of accomplishment everyday with Daily Planning with a Purpose for $16.99.
My book, There's a Light at the End oTheresALightBookCoverImagef the Tunnel, You shows by example how life's challenges really are lessons we are meant to experience. This is a collection of some of my favorite blogs that exemplify "getting through the moments" that can drag us down or hold us back. Be the light in your own darkness and order my book on Amazon: There's a Light at the End of the Tunnel. You. 
Get to the root of who you are and to the things that you'd love to be doing with my book: Lost in Thoughts, Adult Coloring Book. While you color, you are thinking about each question the book interviews you with on every page. By the end of the 68 pages, you'll know a lot more about your passions and interests so that you can focus on the things that matter most to you. Lost in Thoughts is $9.99 for the paperback.  
Together these books cost less than what it costs to detail your car, and will help you detail your life. Way more important than a clean car is a clean life!
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"Life should be a Masterpiece, not a struggle." K. A. Rayne

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