10 Promises to #make2015sacred

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2015 IS COMING...


I've created 10 Promises to #make2015sacred. Among the many things that you will do this year, keep them in mind. Act on your prayers and positive thoughts at least 365 times this year. Shine Light and Love onto 2015~  Katherine A. Rayne~

1    Make sacred things in your life more sacred. Protect them like a Mother Bear!

2    Make a generous comfy spot in your home and life for God and your religion or faith.

3    Respect old people. They have experience!

4    Respect differences.

5    When forming an opinion of someone, use it to better understand them. Not to judge them.

6    Always be kind. Recognize hate as hurt.

7    When you've lost your patience, take a few minutes to find it.

8    When you are stressed, promise yourself that you will take better care of yourself once you get home.

9    When there is chaos, put on your calm.

10   You can make a difference, but make differences instead.

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