Monthly Archives: January 2015


The New Year is well on its way, and I've yet to send out my “holiday” newsletters to friends and family. When that has happened before, I change them appropriately into “New Year’s” newsletters. I think the fact that I keep in touch with most of my family and friends through Facebook makes me feel less pressed to do it. In fact, I could even find out how many of my friends and family read my posted blogs if I were to do my letter here. Hmmmm. Evil grin. >:}


But I won’t bore you with it. I want this blog to be about the New Year. I want it to be about making 2015 more positive and more sacred. #make2015sacred. Not just with resolutions of losing weight or calling our grandparents more often or eating better and exercising more or keeping the house clean and staying on top of our workload.

I want 2015 to be about sending out good vibes, whether we do it in prayer or positive energy or with faith. I want to encourage sprays of prayers and thoughts so that it outnumbers the sprays of bullets and hate crimes and violence we hear about on the news.

Passing tragedy after tragedy around on our social pages isn't where our positive energy will sprout from. It’s not one simple task. It’s daily, minute by minute, experience by experience and action by action.



It’s reading about one of the tragedies and closing your eyes in prayer or meditation or in thought to send compassion their way; to let them know in one way or another that we care and we want better for them and for us and for this world.

It’s not only about scheduling a prayer circle or a gathering of monks or combined positive energies. It’s about one person, one moment, again and again, consistently, day after day, week after week, month after month, and then another person, one moment, again and again, consistently, week after week, month after month. A constant deluge of love and prayer and good energy to fight off the tragedies. Even if it means not watching the news so that your energy and prayer can stay focused and positive for lifting up when there is down.

I know this sounds awkward and uncomfortable. But I know it’s a different discomfort than others are feeling right now. People that have lost their children in a school shooting, their husbands in a violent attack, their dads or their moms or friends or family. THAT'S discomfort.


If we put aside and ignore our awkward feelings long enough so that we can put others’ discomforts first, there’s a good chance that we might be able to make differences. Before you know it, it won’t make you uncomfortable anymore. I could easily be writing my new year’s/holiday letter right now. But instead I am choosing to stick out like a sore thumb and write this.

To ask you a very simple thing; to think positive. To send positive prayers and energy. It costs us nothing. It’s not even a $1.00 donation to a charity. Leave this light on, whether it’s by prayer, intuition, meditation, positive thinking, faith, belief, love or good energy. Use it all if you can.

Before your feet hit the floor in the morning, send out your positive thoughts anyway you see fit. Send it to anyone and everyone. Anyone you know and everyone you don’t. Anyone dealing with awful news and tragedies that don’t belong in our time and place and day and age.

When you lay down at night, let the first thing you think about be a prayer, a thought, a cloud of love, bullets of faith sent outward into the night sky.

We can’t rid ourselves of all the evil, but we can start stamping it out with OUR bullets and sprays. We don’t have to sit back and cry and worry and read about it again and again. Each and every day, we can fight back with our positive thoughts. It doesn't sound like much. But if it makes differences, it cost us nothing but moments.

I cry too when I read about the tragedies, especially when it comes to children.

To feel a little better, I tell myself God is in need of as many angels as he can find right now. He is gathering us for a reason. He needs them to help the world overcome and prosper through crazy times. Don’t let him do it alone. Give out your prayers and love consistently and daily.

Find it in you to wish away any evil in the world. Let the only evil left be my evil grins. This is holy ground. THIS. Where you stand, where you live, where your children go to school, where you work, where your family lives, where strangers shop. This is OUR holy ground. Let’s keep it ours and show them who lives here and who owns it. Start sending out your “letters” today, and stamp them with faith and love and lots of light through the dark.

Love, Katherine xo  PosterStorm