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Simple and Elegant Couch Sitting

I haven’t blogged in a while and I miss it. I’ve been busy with school beginning again but I have also been a bit in the “too lazy/too tired to do it” phase. My classroom duties keep me busy so being able to relax on the weekends is REALLY nice. You’ve heard of people who house sit? The last two weekends I feel like I’ve couch sat. 🙂

To keep myself on the couch a bit longer, instead of blogging, I am passing on to you an excerpt from my book. When I read my newest book, it almost feels like a memoir, although I didn’t intend it to. It’s about making your (my) life more simple and more elegant, and I wrote it as a journal/workbook as well as non-fiction. You get to write and doodle in it in other words! AND I won’t even read your answers. 🙂 Okay, so here’s an excerpt from Chapter 2, page 54:

Your own simple and elegant have many different definitions and appearances. I used to look for someone else’s creation of it in home magazines for decorating my first very own teeny-tiny 800 square foot home and the very last larger home many years later as well as all of the homes in between. When you grow up as the fourth daughter and the youngest, everyone is better than you. They are better at running, board games, friendships, socializing, drawing, singing, coloring, remembering, riding bikes, making beds, aiming, pony tails, dancing, make-up and even better at winning arguments. You are never the best at anything so you settle for being good. Good at everything, the best at nothing. Even when you’re an adult, you still seek out the better things that other people create. You know you’re good but you want the better so you always look elsewhere. And you do that until one day you figure out that maybe your good is better, sometimes even best. There’s more than enough room in the world for everyone to have better and best. And sometimes you just have to make the best of it. I do that often and I’m good at it. 🙂 I’ve had enough practice, and practice IS what makes us better at what we do. I’ve been upgraded to better!

Between the gazillion people in the world, there are a gazillion standards to go by. When I talk about making my life simple and elegant, it’s me who gets to decide what that looks like and what it feels like. It’s also me who gets to decide when I get there and how long it takes. I will pull on my intuition and check my gut to feel it and to find it. Simple and elegant to me are defined by one word; agreeable. It’s when something doesn’t have any more thorns on its side that prick me and tell me that something’s just not right. It can have scratches or be off center or tainted, but if it is agreeable to my gut, we’re good. Or we’re better, or best. Find your good, better and best and remove all of the thorns #ThatYouHaveControlOf so that you can become your own simple, elegant self. The rest of the thorns that you don’t have control of? Those are just #Pricks. #:)

You can find your simple, elegant side AND encourage your hidden put-on-the-back-burner gifts to shine in my newest book. #Live Simply #Live Elegantly-Your Life Journal is on I want you to shine so strinkin’ bright, that we’ll need sunglasses just to look you in the eye. 🙂     Love, Katherine   PosterLogoTM

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