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It’s in the Journey that We become Strong

It's in the Journey that We Become Strong

I think I'd like it better if the new president was sworn in on the first of the year as we welcome our own new beginnings on January 1st. Bring it on all at once and start fresh and new, whether it's challenging, too much to take on, or something we are ready for. We could then embrace it all at once, feeling the weight of the year ahead at once instead of intermittently.

But maybe it's too close to the holidays and no one wants the contradiction of emotions happening yet. There are so many contradicting emotions from any election, but this one especially so. It might be best to keep the holiday festiveness going for a few more weeks since so many of us love that time of year.

I've had enough of politics lately so my news channel will stay off for awhile, but I still visit my social media pages often and I love the fact that there's a gathering of women coming together for rights that should already be ours.

It's never been more agreed upon by women and many men that we deserve equality. You won't see any broken windows or looting, either, because that's just how we roll.

When women come together for a purpose, we are hoping that when we turn back around and go home that the seeds we planted were for growth, not for spoilage.

The March is happening in order to lift women up to where we belong; where we often don't even place ourselves because we're so busy making sure that everyone else is okay and that everyone else has what they need, as we balance all of the different hats that we wear.

Whether we are happy or sad to see this new president take office, I'm saddened to see how many women are speaking negatively of his wife. This is a woman we should all be supporting and praying for, but the opposite is happening on many social media posts and news outlets.

When I watched her during inauguration day, what I saw was a beautiful woman who is going to go through a lot of personal growth for the next four years, and a woman who already has her own challenges because of who she is married to. No matter who she is right now, or who we might think she is,  she'll come out on the opposite side completely changed. I wish for her to be strong enough to handle it.

We can't pick and choose which women we support and which ones we tear down.

We all have our moments of moaning about others, and if we do that in private, to good friends and family that is trusted, we get to blow off our steam.

Then we get to remember that they aren't much different than us and that they have their limitations, their challenges, and their own issues, too. We have to turn our frustrations back into support.

We can't rise up while bringing others down, and that's what we want for ourselves and other women; to rise up and to be strong and to feel loved.

I have nine preschool students in my class and at the end of the day, they all just want to be loved, and they thrive when they are. Everyone we meet, they all want that, too, and we should give it to them, who ever they are.

There's enough anger in the world. We have to douse it with love. And we can't do that if we're running around doubting the buoyancy of our lives and our world.

Floating, crawling, walking, running or flying; it's our choice. Flying is a smoother ride, though, and while we do it, we can lift up anyone else we see along our journey. Lift them up and help them make their wings stronger, because we can only get better together.

There should be marching, too, but women know how to use light-hearted steps better than anyone.

Nurture your journey as well as those you meet along the way. Strength in numbers. We already have the numbers, so now we can be the strength.

Women rock - in a million different ways. Opening our eyes to seeing each others' strengths won't hurt us, and it will help them. We need strength and faith and other women at our sides while we walk our journey.

"A strong woman has faith that she is strong enough for the journey, but a woman of strength has faith that it is in the journey that she will become strong."

xo Katherine

Katherine A. Rayne is a writer, mom and preschool teacher. Her published works are on, written to support women on their journey.