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We are all in this Together

we are all in this together. planet earth humans are all one species, and we are all just trying to do the same thing...enjoy our lives.

how simple would everything be if egos dissipated? probably super simple. it makes me wonder about the 7 new planets that nasa has discovered and what life on their planets would be like, and if they already have life, how do they they have religion and politics? or are they just starting out with farmlands and indians. they say the conditions are right for there to be water on some of the planets. it's a start.

it makes me wonder where we went wrong. somebody somewhere had a hard time sharing.

in preschool, sharing is a valuable skill that they learn as they go. we teach a lot of things in preschool including letters and numbers, sight words and writing and reading and songs. they come together everyday and learn how to get along with each other through the course of their day.

there may be struggles that they face, but as a teacher you watch them grow, not in the course of one day, but you know you'll see so much growth in social skills and connections made through the course of the school year.

learning the same social skills over and over...share, take turns, be nice, be kind, say something nice instead, apologize to your friend, hug your friends' hurt. and they do, too.

some days they may feel it's a huge hurdle, but in a matter of weeks or months you see the habits form and the connections deepen.

then they become like siblings that both love and argue, and you know that they have become a cohesive little bunch of Littles that have made it through, that now come to school everyday to enjoy their day and their friends.

they are all in this together, and they may not stay friends forever, but they will miss one another and the little family that they have been for 9 months. but i'll miss them more, because we are all together, and then we're not.

meanwhile, we're in this together, sink or swim. maybe it all begins with the water. sinking or swimming together with the tide, offering support and flotation to each other when needed.

and being in the water, no one's worried about whose land is whose. it's just a matter of swimming together.

if you reach out for a hand, you won't care what color it is or who it belongs to. you'll just hold on to it until you're good. and they'd do the same.

mystery planets......make room.    xo Katherine

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