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eat healthy to live healthy

E is to Eat (smile)

eat is such a good word! ūüôā last week, i did my d word as "done." i planned to not begin another project until the last one i began was finished. what that meant for me was that i didn't get a whole lot "done." i'd remind myself when starting a project that i wouldn't have time to finish it at that exact moment. it allowed the procrastinator in me to really shine.


i definitely didn't finish as much as i wanted, so now maybe i won't be as hard on myself. if i take a few turns to get something done, it's not the end of the world. i love when that happens. one more discovery that i'm okay as i am. (chortle)


this week's word


so this week i have new words for e. mine is to eat for energy. i am probably choosing that because this past friday i made my favorite soul food of peanut butter cookies fresh from the oven style. then i ate too many of course and felt sick afterwards. i think i was trying to make up for lost time with something that i love and hadn't had for awhile. omg. chill on the cookies. i won't be making them for awhile, but they were really good. i have no regrets.


so this week, energy please. i love salmon, walnuts, spinach and avocado's almost as much as i do peanut butter cookies. i'm adding them on to my grocery list this week. and already i'm salivating. i really love food.


your "e" word


so what is your e word going to be this week? electric? energized? euphoria? epiphany? excitement? exercise? e is a really good letter to motivate many great words. so have an exciting, energized, electric epiphany this week, and enjoy!


"a goal should scare you a little and excite you a lot." joe vitale


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“d” is for getting it done ~

good monday morning! i'm going to get things done this week. that is my "d" word.

i hope you had a relaxing weekend like i did.

my weekend was just the right amount of fun and "done." usually i know my word days before i do this blog, and then i jump into my word right away. that's what i did this weekend. d is for done!

i am a gemini.

i'm not a big follower of horoscopes, but the description of a gemini is me to a T.  "gemini jumps from one project to another." yes she does. so my "d" word is done. i'm going to try to get anything done at home that i begin. instead of jumping from one task to another, i am going to try the "touch everything only once" rule. when i pick it up, i will put it where it belongs. when i decide to do a project or a task at home, i will finish it before i start the next one.

so since i jumped into my word before monday, i have already finished two projects to completion. a miracle. this really works!

okay, tribe. what is your "d" word? make dit happen!! (lol)

"nothing builds self-esteem and self-confidence like accomplishment." Thomas Carlyle

"goals give us a clear picture of what we want to accomplish." Roberto Zoia

"the best view comes after the hardest climb."  author unknown

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letter “c” for consistency

i'm beginning with consistency.

it's already a new week...and happy mlk day! i have a dream: a new year = a new me. and that brings us straight to letter "c" for my week of intention: focus and consistency.

C is for consistency

and to make it easy, i'm choosing one area that i want to be consistent in. exercise. i love to walk for peace of mind and exercise. i find that when i don't make the time for it, i don't feel as healthy and as happy as when i do.

my daughter starts school at an ungodly hour now that she's in high school. what that means is that she gets out sooner as well. the time that i would have to do my walks before i pick her up from school has shrunk down to about 45 minutes. since there is other things that i MUST get done, that leaves walking as a luxury, as in easier to put aside. the time change also hurts because by 6:00pm it's already dark out, and i don't walk at night.

but this week, i want to fix that. i can't look at walking as a luxury, it's a need.

this week i will force myself to find the time and the energy. consistently. i know how i feel after a long walk, and i'm going to aim for that every other day.

choose a "c" word

the word doesn't have to be "consistent," but the action should be.  have a consistent intention this week and make sure that you have fun with it, too.  xo K

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intention – letter “b”

it's monday, which means that it's time to come up with a new word for your intention this week.

we are now on letter "b." think of a word that you want staring you down each morning in your mirror or on your refrigerator door. "b" is a great beginning letter for your intention this week. bold, beautiful, big, or bust-out. i chose a "b" word before i began writing letter "a" blog, because it was around the holidays and i knew "budgeting" would be a necessary word after the holidays.

budgeting needs to be at the forefront of my day this week. it won't be too hard to stop spending money. i became tired of spending money on everything that we shop for at the holidays, but i would like to scope out a new budget and get leaner on my spending throughout the year. it turns out that not only do i have way too much stuff, but it's so hard to part with it. so the less i buy, the less i'll have to part with. ha.

so whatever word you choose, use it as your mantra this week and stick to it.

habits begin to form after a daily practice. see if your "a" word can even continue into this week with you, along with your "b" word.

here's to "appreciating" my newest intention; a new "budget" for me! good luck with yours. xo

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"A" is for accepting your present existence
"B" is for be you
"C" is for create
"D" is for do
"E" is for eating and exercising
"F" is for free to choose
"G" is for grit
"H" is for higher
"I" is for intelligence preservation
"J" is for just dance
"K" is for kick crap to the curb
"L" is for look for the lesson
"M" is for Making Memories Last
"A" - "M" to Better Choices
"N" is for Nurture
"O" is for optimum
"P" is for moms are pack leader
"Q" is for quiet your mind
"R" is for reorganizing 
"S" is for simplifying
"T" is for being your own teacher
"U" is for utilizing 5 tools we already own
"V" is for visualize your day
"W" is for walking

"X" is for eXpecting good things

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New Year New You – Letter A!

hello, 2018! i'm glad to say that i have no resolutions for the new year. these last few years i already feel like i'm on the "i can do better than this" train, whether it's march, june or january. i find taking one day at a time serves me better than putting huge goals out there, but there's always room for improvement. since i'm far from perfect and want to strive to do a bit better in any area in my life, i'm doing a week at a time. and it just happens to be the new year, too. fancy that.
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having a village to go through it with me helps me stay on top of some of the things i'll work on each week, so i'm inviting you to do it with me...(strength in numbers!).
i'm going to do that alphabet thing again, but in a different way than the blogs i did in 2016 (i'll be sending those out as well each week as a side note and a form of encouragement). my focus this time is giving you more control and choice over what you concentrate on every week.
the key words that i want to embed this time around are "intention" and "control," because when we get to choose what we set our intentions on, we can be more successful at making them happen, versus me choosing your focus word each week.
letter "a"
so this week is letter "A." choose a word that starts with "a" that you will focus on for the full week. for example, if you want your week to be "Amazing," then give yourself an intention each morning that "today will be AMAZING." write it down and post it on your bathroom mirror in plain sight, or set a reminder on your phone each day. plan for an amazing day each day.
and don't wait for amazing things to happen. it's up to you to make them amazing, or see the amazing in your moments throughout. you can't control if you get a flat tire, but you can control how you react to it. remind yourself how amazing it is that you know how to change the tire and fix the problem. remind yourself that it's so amazing that you can just call someone or a service, and they show up and fix it for you. how amazing is that?! awesome, actually.
so choose your word, and give the intention each morning that's what your day will be like.
my word will be "appreciation" this week because i want to focus on appreciating what already exists in my life and what i already can do. so in the morning when i'm putting on my make-up, i won't focus on the dark circles under my eyes or my large i will focus on the pretty blue in my eyes and that i have my sight, albeit with a need of contact lenses. how lucky can a girl get?!
begin with a new letter each monday
i'll be sending out a reminder each monday on facebook and in my emails so that you remember to start your week with a new intention and a new focus. it's also about creating habits. a habit to look for the good that already exists and to watch for the good that comes your way. we can get in the habit of seeing the bad or not appreciating the little things, but focusing on a positive word and intent can turn your whole day and week and hopefully your whole year around.
so what is your word of intent this week? if you get nothing else accomplished this week, just make sure that each day is that, whether it's amazing, appreciated, awesome, active, etc. look for that in each day as well. good luck with your first week of 2018!
happy new you! xo