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glass half full

v is for views

Views and perspectives

The views we have on everything from waking up in the morning (I'm NOT very morning-ish), to our opinions on watching the news kind of run our life. We've all heard the saying, the glass is half empty versus half full, but what we can really be saying is the glass is ready for MORE. Fill up my cup to the rim, please! Ready for more, excited for more and looking forward to more lifts my spirits.

Positive thinking is important, of course, but being ready for the next thing and being engaged with life will make your days more intriguing.

So my view for this week will be not looking for more, but ready for more. Creating more of what makes me smile, living up to higher standards that give me a more valuable life.

Doing more for myself that lifts me up...what's not to like? I'm ready for more of that. Do more for the good, more for your health, more for your neighbor.

V doesn't give me many choices of a weekly word, but views is a good one. What MORE do you see coming your way? Enjoy the week with whatever you choose.


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u is for unnecessary

Avoiding the Unnecessary

Unnecessary is my word of intent this week. There's so many ways to spend my time and I want to have the intent to do things that count, versus wasting time or energy on things that don't. Making it count probably has less T.V. in my future (sorry, Chip and Jo), and more doing things of the heart and of matter.

I want to avoid unnecessary spending, trips to the grocery store (unless it's for toilet paper, of course), purchases and even unnecessary thoughts. Anything I don't need or don't need to be doing, is what I want my week ahead to be about. I started by ordering fish food for my betta from Amazon, versus running to the pet store for a simple item. I love Amazon.

Making intentions, even if it works out to only an 80% success rate, is better than not having intentions in place at all. Intent gives me direction and better focus.

Happy U week!

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time flies

t is for time

Time Flies

I am now on summer break and as much as I look forward to summers off as a teacher, I'm also aware of how fast time goes by. So far my summer has been very balanced, with just the right amount of fun and work.

As a single mom, I'm always behind. Dishes, laundry, household stuff mostly. To begin the catch-up, I dive in. I've already made a few trips to drop off "clutter" for donations and consignment. I've filled up the trash can and recycling bins with even more clutter. My pantry and refrigerator, as well as my family room have been cleaned up and out.

My intent this week, and hopefully throughout the summer, will be to keep an eye on time. It passes so quickly and if i'm not careful, I will get the mindset of, "there's plenty of time to do that LATER."

Here is to a summer of doing it now and having the mind frame to make sure I do enough of everything and on time. And to let the procrastination bug come alive only on Sunday's.

Your intent word can begin with the letter "t" also, or you can use any word that will work for your week ahead that will give you the grounding you need to have better focus and enjoyment.

Happy week of intent!

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ABC Blogs Slow down

“S” is for slow down

A busy time is the time to slow down

This week I am going to slow down. My daughter and I were counting how many days straight she has had dance. 13 days in a row. This was during testing and exams at school as well. The past two days were her recitals, which made a momma (me) so proud. I help backstage for one of the shows. I witness the dancers excitement, dilemma's, quick-fixes, quick-changes and relief. Then I watch one of the shows the next day and sit back and know what hard work has gone into the recital over the last few months. There are so many people involved in making it happen; teachers, dancers, staff and volunteers. It's a beautiful program and the girls come out of it so proud and happy to have been involved, and excited for the next one near the holidays.

Schedule down time during busier weeks

Needless to say, we've been on the go constantly. I want nothing more than to slow down. And with the end of the school year nearing, there are still so many activities ahead. We looked back today and said, "we did it!" There's so many things that didn't get done, mainly household duties, but we can say we did all the things that needed to get done.

Even though busy times still lay ahead, we are going to slow down intentionally. We need the rest and rejuvenation. This week we are looking to slow down, all the way through Mother's Day.

If you want to focus your intent to slow down, include activities in your day that help you do that, whether it be walks, yoga, the gym or even knitting or drawing. Find a place and a time to make sure your day and your mind both slow down.

Here's to blessings of busy-ness, but also the blessing of knowing when to slow down.

Enjoy your week. xo

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