“A” is for Accepting your Present Existence

2016 can be your best year for anything you choose because of choices you make throughout the year. I'm beginning my weekly ABC's of Better Choices series with "A" is for Accepting Your Present Existence.

"A" is for Accepting your Present Existence 

This is the first post to begin the ABC's of Better Choices in 2016. I'm putting up a post once a week for each letter that will represent change and positive choices for a revolutionized 2016. The first step towards better choices in 2016 is accepting where you are in life right now, as we speak.

Write down what in your life is undesirable, as in your beast of burden. What brings you down, if anything? It can be something that you can’t fix, or one of those things that you could have complete control of, but you aren’t taking the initiative. It could be something like your home situation, work situation or an illness. In other words, what is driving you crazy?!

It’s something that didn’t quite go the way you had planned and there’s no easy solution. You’re going to have to deal because there’s no going around it. One day it’s going to get better but it doesn’t make it easier right now.

What I know anymore is that I’ve been planted in that undesirable spot in order to sprout, bloom and reach upwards for the sun. I have to figure out a way to turn it into a garden and acknowledge that I’m in that place in order to grow.

When I want to make myself feel better during those times, I think of inmates that are sentenced to prison that are actually innocent. How do they handle incarceration, knowing that they don’t belong there but still can’t leave? They don’t have many options. Maybe they spend time making friendships with those that they feel they can trust. They check-out books. They write letters. Think about all of the time that they must have to exercise. With their recreational hours they can paint, knit or learn an instrument. They can only make the best of it. And that’s what I remind myself to do during my undesirable times.

That’s what we can do to begin 2016. Owning our burdens and writing down the different ways that we could make them better puts us back in a garden mind frame. Imagine what could represent rich soil in your life right now while you experience growth, and start planting seeds in it. Both my garden and I need to be growing constantly, even in the dark of night. I don’t know about you but I’m planting tulips and roses, and I’m hanging orchids in the trees.

Accept that you are in a garden of abundance, regardless of your situation, and work on it while you’re there. The hoeing and weeding and planting are hard work, but it will be worth the beauty that grows from it. YOU can make it better, even while dealing.

You will hear from me next week with letter "B." B is for Be Yourself. That's an easy one. So until then, get your gloves on and pull your tools out of the shed and make your garden healthy. It'll be our meeting place from now on. Surprise me with what you can grow. xo


"A garden requires patient labor and attention. Plants do not grow merely to satisfy ambitions or to fulfill good intentions. They thrive because someone expended effort on them." -Liberty Hyde Bailey

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