"C" is for Create

“C” is for Create

"C" is for Create

What is the last thing that you created? I think my favorite thing in the world besides my kids and family is “creating” something. I love my job because as a preschool teacher, I create projects and crafts. I’m excited about seeing how my sample turns out, and then I get to see the nine different creations that my Littles create out of the same craft supplies. They all come out in nine different delicate adorable ways. It’s one of the many reasons to love art. You can never be wrong in art because it’s your own creation, like handwriting, and you don’t know how it will look until it’s finished.

I’d love to work as a paid artist, paint hidden under my fingernails and drips of it on my clothing. I’d shop at a thrift store for designer brand shirts to wear while I paint to inspire me to paint beautifully. The bigger the canvas, the better. Art projects throughout my house would excite me. A large canvas in a corner to paint when I have some extra time, an easel set up in the bedroom for sketching and drawing, and an engineer’s table in the family room for writing, writing and more writing. I’d get rid of my furniture to have art in every corner. When I’m creating, I feel I’m moving my life forward. Towards something, a renewal, something fresh, or a beginning of something more. Creation not only begins somewhere, but it always begins some thing.

I love how creating creates perpetual motion. It produces connections as one thing leads to another, connecting the past to the future.

I once tried (it didn't work) to lure my artist mom into condo living. I set up a rental condo we owned for her to live in, so that she could stop working and start doing the things that she loved doing full time and had uber talent for. Besides a bring-your-tooth-brush ready home, I had a sewing room set up for her in the condo’s guest bedroom, and an art easel set up with art supplies on the lanai. I wanted her to spend her time creating things that she loved to create.

We were created to create. Think of all that has been created since we were; clothing, the wheel, the light bulb. Every time the human race comes across a problem, someone somewhere creates a solution.

Your baby won’t go to sleep? Someone created a baby swing and white noise.

Too heavy of a load to carry? The wheel was invented, wheel-barrows, and strollers.

It takes too long to type on a smart phone? Voila, Siri.

It rains and you get wet? Umbrellas.

Creating doesn’t have to be limited to creating solutions, but solutions don’t happen unless we create.

There was a time none of these things existed. Until someone decided that they didn’t like settling for sitting in the dark or getting wet or carrying a cranky baby for hours. So they did something about it. Problems were fixed because one person chose to go one step further beyond being annoyed. They created a better way.

There are a lot of useful things created every day but creations don’t necessarily have to be useful. They can be tangible or you can even create a peaceful feeling, a peaceful situation or a peaceful room. You can even create calm in the chaos. Creating is an art form for any purpose, whether it’s for solutions or for entertainment. Create a meal that everyone loves. Create a room that is relaxing. Create a painting that you will see hanging on your wall every day, or create the space to hang a beautiful painting on, so that you can see it every day.

We start with so many questions first thing in the morning; what am I making for breakfast? Dinner? What time is my appointment? What’s on TV? What’s on the news? What’s on Facebook? But I like the idea of asking myself first thing each morning, what am I going to create today? What is going to exist because I made it? A good feeling in someone else? A great day? An organized closet? A drawing? A poem? A book? A new centerpiece? A photograph? If you wake up every day focused on creating, you won’t have to focus on any boring, dreadful, awful drama that exists. Thinking about creating keeps your brain in a forward motion, moving towards the future and excited about the results.

Creating perpetuates and moves life forward.

My mom turned me down on the condo. She loved living in her house. She had created a million things and a family during her life there. Gifts for her grandchildren, artwork for friends, a yard full of beautiful plants, a garage full of supplies to help her continue creating, and she'd created a home out of her house. Living in a condo would have simplified her life, but even with all of the extra maintenance her house needed, it was another way for her to create.

This blog series is about better choices, and having something to be excited about when you wake up each morning gives you something to look forward to.

Ask yourself each morning: what am I going to create today, that wouldn’t be there by the end of the day, otherwise? Or plan it the night before.

Be excited about what the day will bring.

I have a Daily Planner that you can print out for free on my website. You take five minutes before bed each night to fill it out with the to-do’s of the next day. Using it will help you to get everything done without getting too distracted by the bright shiny objects, and you can also add ideas of what you might create the next day on it, too. Print it out HERE.

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This is the third blog in a series of 26. The ABC’s of #BetterChoices2016 will continue for 26 weeks.

A is for accepting your present existence

B is for be you

And C is for Create

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