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L is for Love it

L is for Love it

This week my intent is to make sure I'm doing something special each day, and that i love it. Some days that might be something as simple as having a Starbucks iced-chai-latte. Other days it could be a walk on the beach or dinner out.

When I'm planning my day in my head, usually while I'm in the shower, I think ahead to the days' events and projects. I will also decide what activity I will include in my day. One that I will love doing. I'll begin my day looking forward to something special later.

Always having something in my day to look forward to is like that Taco Tuesday idea. Looking forward and being excited about my day makes for a more festive and rewarding day.

To loving it, and enjoying it! L opens up all sorts of choices but I hope you love your day and week no matter your choice. xo

My daily planner literally allows you to plan only one day at a time. With one page at a time. It helps you live in the moment and the day. You enter tasks and activities you want to accomplish during the day. It also asks for your ideal meals to keep yourself accountable, and any exercise you will do. There are other things to list, but it's a planner that you fill out each night for five minutes before bed. You can go to sleep feeling in order and having things under control. I use it and feel accomplishment when my head hits the pillow each night. The days that I don't use it, either by forgetting to or by falling out of habit, I feel I've shorted myself. You can find it on Amazon here.

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K is for Keep it Karma

Keep it Karma

K is a hard letter and limited my choice of K words, but keep it karma is a feel-good choice. Karma to me isn't about paybacks, but about allowing karma to do its thing and remembering that we all have karma and that we continuously create it.

How I create karma is something I send out into the world, or universe, and eventually it does come back. It's not the only reason we should make sure we are doing good in our lives, but it is a good reason to make sure we are. The more good in the world creates more positive in the world. It's why watching news is something I do very rarely. The effect it has on me is negative, kind of like roller coasters. ha. Since I don't enjoy the feeling of roller coasters, I shouldn't do them. And that's the same with our actions.

Cook up some good karma today, or a really good k choice. 🙂

And yes, I know I'm late, but i feel like you have the hang of it now. See you next Monday! xo

Spring is near and I've written a book that helps you with spring cleaning your life, home and heart. You can find in on Amazon here.

My K word for my 2016 blog was Kick the Crap to the Curb. You can read it here.

J for Just Dance

J is for Just Dance

My intent for this week is to Just Dance. I've been busier than normal and sometimes it stresses me out, but if I remind myself that if I just dance through it, I WILL get to the other side of it and be through it.

It's a good reminder to not take myself so seriously. There's problems others have that are much worse than my busy days, and I can instead be thankful that I am depended on and needed.

Put up your mirror reminder

I foresee the note on my mirror to say, just dance through it, which could also mean, don't worry so much. Carrying worries around is pretty useless because most of them don't come to life and therefor they soak up unnecessary energy I could be using for something else.

So my intent, my focus, is to not focus on the hard, but to focus on the good.

I also wrote the same idea in my 2016 ABC Blog, and I will share that below under J is for Just Dance. It is good advice worth repeating. I am also including below all my 2016 ABC Blogs if you have time for a good read today.

Another way to translate "just dance"

D = Don't argue

A = Accept the situation

N = Nurture yourself

C = Creative problem-solving

E = Enjoy the moment

"A" is for accepting your present existence
"B" is for be you
"C" is for create
"D" is for do
"E" is for eating and exercising
"F" is for free to choose
"G" is for grit
"H" is for higher
"I" is for intelligence preservation
"J" is for just dance
"K" is for kick crap to the curb
"L" is for look for the lesson
"M" is for Making Memories Last
"A" through "M" summary to Better Choices
"N" is for Nurture
"O" is for optimum
"P" is for moms are pack leader
"Q" is for quiet your mind
"R" is for reorganizing 
"S" is for simplifying
"T" is for being your own teacher
"U" is for utilizing 5 tools we already own
"V" is for visualize your day
"W" is for walking

"X" is for eXpect good things

"Y" is for saying yes, sometimes

"Z" is for a zillion choices

Enjoy and good luck with your J word intent this week~ xo

increase intelligence each day this week

I is for Increase Intelligence

How am I going to get smarter this week and increase intelligence? That question alone will make me think. I could learn a new word & definition each day, do crossword puzzles, read random trivia or meditate. Each day I will have the intent to increase intelligence, in a different way each day.

I can easily fall into the rut of doing the same stuff each day that's required, but between making my home a happier place and having intent for improvement each week, the rut can disappear.

Improving by working on my memory and doing things in a new and different way will change the same old same old to something more interesting and new things to look forward to.

So I is for "Increase Intelligence." I hope your intent this week is engaging and successful. And that you are still in the game. Have the best Monday! xo

P. S. My blog I wrote back in 2016 was also about improving intelligence and memory. You can find the post here.

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The path to a happy home.

H is for Happy Home

Happy Home sounds cheesy, but if I ask myself:  What will make my happy home a happier home - I would have a different answer each week. More of this, less of that...more time for this, more choices on that.

So each day this week, I will ask myself each morning: What will give me a happy home today? What will I do today to make this place a happier space? It's quite happy as it is, but there's always a thorn or two sticking out somewhere. My bedroom for instance. Right now it's pretty okay, but the stack of books next to my bed are like to-do's for me. So many books to read, so little time. Each night when I go to bed, I see them and kick myself for not carving 20 - 30 minutes out of my day for reading. So for me, filing some of them away for another time, and reading 30 minutes each night, will make it a happier home in that specific space. I love reading and I love an organized night stand. Two thorns with one stone, or something like that. 🙂

Here's to a happy home, a happy Monday and to more reading in my future.

H can represent a lot of things; hope, health, heart & healing, for example. Choose what suits your frame of mind and your heart for this week, and make it your intention and focus all week long. And begin the week by having a wonderful Monday! xo

To find the long way to a happy home, I've written a book to help with that:

#Live Simply #Live Elegantly Your Life Journal

I've written this book to help you find your piece of mind in your home, as well as find your gifts that have been buried under to-do's and normal responsibilities. Reignite the things that you are passionate about and put your home in order, all in one book, one step at a time. Find it on Amazon.

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Setting goals with

G is for Making Goals

"G" is going to be really easy. For me, it will be for making more Goals. I work on my To-Do's religiously, but my goals tend to come second to them, which might be a bit backwards. My To-Do's are those things that need planning and scheduling and have deadlines. To-Do's are more like duties. Goals are more like luxuries.

Meeting Goals

I'd love to meet some of my goals that sit out there waiting patiently, floating on by, pacing the air. They never leave. They just wait. And in some cases, wait and wait and wait. Goals are so easy to put aside. This week, it's going to be all about putting them out front, written down along-side my To-Do's, which btw I'm really good about putting down each night (see my one-page, one-day-at-a time planner here).

Putting a deadline on a couple of my goals will give them the attention that they deserve. I foresee a fun week ahead.

How about you? G is for...? good? great? grand? good night's sleep? The more I type, the better "Goal" sounds.

No matter what you put out in front of you this week, good luck!


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"A" is for accepting your present existence
"B" is for be you
"C" is for create
"D" is for do
"E" is for eating and exercising
"F" is for free to choose
"G" is for grit
"H" is for higher
"I" is for intelligence preservation
"J" is for just dance
"K" is for kick crap to the curb
"L" is for look for the lesson
"M" is for Making Memories Last
"A" - "M" to Better Choices
"N" is for Nurture
"O" is for optimum
"P" is for moms are pack leader
"Q" is for quiet your mind
"R" is for reorganizing 
"S" is for simplifying
"T" is for being your own teacher
"U" is for utilizing 5 tools we already own
"V" is for visualize your day
"W" is for walking

"X" is for eXpecting good things

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Eating Healthy Food

F is for Food, of course


F is for Food this week for me. I know I did E for Eating last week, so it might seem like a repeat, but food is serious business. I watch our technology in the world improve with major growth; smart phones, computers, televisions, automobiles, Alexa's in our homes, advancement in medicines and treatments. Meanwhile, I watch our food intake seemingly go backwards.

If we are able to make everything in the world faster, better, stronger, more logical and more sophisticated, how is it that our diets continue to get worse, more toxic, more sugary, more gluten, more chemicals and less healthy?

What would our diets look like if we were to strive for better, healthier, stronger and leaner, instead of faster, easier and more processed? And then what would WE look like with better diets.

I always have snacks (read: junk food) in the house. There's also snacks that I refuse to keep in the house because I might eat all of it in a single sitting. My daughter asked for some delicious bakery cookies a while back when we were in the grocery store. I told her no and she asked why not. I told her it was because I'd eat them. lol. But truthfully, I still could eat healthier. Even when I'm eating healthy.

It's a matter of mind frame, but so hard sometimes. So that's my F word this week in order to further motivate my choices each day.

I found F to have an abundance of choices: fun, family, food and festive. So whatever you choose, choose in the best interest of you and your week. Have fun with your family, eat good food and make each day festive!

"Eat less sugar. You're sweet enough already."  (i love that but have no idea who said it.) xo

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eat healthy to live healthy

E is to Eat (smile)

eat is such a good word! 🙂 last week, i did my d word as "done." i planned to not begin another project until the last one i began was finished. what that meant for me was that i didn't get a whole lot "done." i'd remind myself when starting a project that i wouldn't have time to finish it at that exact moment. it allowed the procrastinator in me to really shine.


i definitely didn't finish as much as i wanted, so now maybe i won't be as hard on myself. if i take a few turns to get something done, it's not the end of the world. i love when that happens. one more discovery that i'm okay as i am. (chortle)


this week's word


so this week i have new words for e. mine is to eat for energy. i am probably choosing that because this past friday i made my favorite soul food of peanut butter cookies fresh from the oven style. then i ate too many of course and felt sick afterwards. i think i was trying to make up for lost time with something that i love and hadn't had for awhile. omg. chill on the cookies. i won't be making them for awhile, but they were really good. i have no regrets.


so this week, energy please. i love salmon, walnuts, spinach and avocado's almost as much as i do peanut butter cookies. i'm adding them on to my grocery list this week. and already i'm salivating. i really love food.


your "e" word


so what is your e word going to be this week? electric? energized? euphoria? epiphany? excitement? exercise? e is a really good letter to motivate many great words. so have an exciting, energized, electric epiphany this week, and enjoy!


"a goal should scare you a little and excite you a lot." joe vitale


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“d” is for getting it done ~

good monday morning! i'm going to get things done this week. that is my "d" word.

i hope you had a relaxing weekend like i did.

my weekend was just the right amount of fun and "done." usually i know my word days before i do this blog, and then i jump into my word right away. that's what i did this weekend. d is for done!

i am a gemini.

i'm not a big follower of horoscopes, but the description of a gemini is me to a T.  "gemini jumps from one project to another." yes she does. so my "d" word is done. i'm going to try to get anything done at home that i begin. instead of jumping from one task to another, i am going to try the "touch everything only once" rule. when i pick it up, i will put it where it belongs. when i decide to do a project or a task at home, i will finish it before i start the next one.

so since i jumped into my word before monday, i have already finished two projects to completion. a miracle. this really works!

okay, tribe. what is your "d" word? make dit happen!! (lol)

"nothing builds self-esteem and self-confidence like accomplishment." Thomas Carlyle

"goals give us a clear picture of what we want to accomplish." Roberto Zoia

"the best view comes after the hardest climb."  author unknown

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letter “c” for consistency

i'm beginning with consistency.

it's already a new week...and happy mlk day! i have a dream: a new year = a new me. and that brings us straight to letter "c" for my week of intention: focus and consistency.

C is for consistency

and to make it easy, i'm choosing one area that i want to be consistent in. exercise. i love to walk for peace of mind and exercise. i find that when i don't make the time for it, i don't feel as healthy and as happy as when i do.

my daughter starts school at an ungodly hour now that she's in high school. what that means is that she gets out sooner as well. the time that i would have to do my walks before i pick her up from school has shrunk down to about 45 minutes. since there is other things that i MUST get done, that leaves walking as a luxury, as in easier to put aside. the time change also hurts because by 6:00pm it's already dark out, and i don't walk at night.

but this week, i want to fix that. i can't look at walking as a luxury, it's a need.

this week i will force myself to find the time and the energy. consistently. i know how i feel after a long walk, and i'm going to aim for that every other day.

choose a "c" word

the word doesn't have to be "consistent," but the action should be.  have a consistent intention this week and make sure that you have fun with it, too.  xo K

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