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Z is for Zen

z is for zen

z is for zen

Since this is my summer off, zen is going to be easy and what better way to end the blogs of intention with something simple and calming? Here is to a week of calm actions, relaxing and maybe throwing in some zen yoga.

I hope you've had some positive experiences following along with my A to Z of intentions. I hope you keep the habit alive, especially when your direction isn't clear, or your focus is off a bit.

Keep adding a word to your mirror in the morning when needed or when you notice something is missing in your day to day. Even if it's just something that will put a smile on your face or jump start a new habit.

Thank you for following along and the feedback I've received. My blogs aren't a consistent habit I keep but it is one I love and will keep coming back to. Thanks for coming along on this one!


You can review all my blogs including the last 26 here, including 2016's A to Z blogs. Have a great week!

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intention to be youthful

y is for youthful

y is for youthful

Even though I'd love to stay youthful, I've been focusing on the changes that come with getting older each year. I think focusing on the changes makes me focus more on the getting older part, and that's not a good intent I want to carry around with me.

So this week I hope to focus less on the issue, but also look for ways that I'm feeling youthful, as well as ways to make me feel more youthful.

Outside the age box

In my preschool class, I ask a question at lunch each day that makes my students think a bit outside of the box. One question this past year was: "why do people get old?" I had many answers, including: because they work hard for many years, or because we don't eat right, or because we do so much that makes us tired. All great answers.

I had one student, though, put a different slant on her answer, by saying we get old because we eat our fruits and vegetables, exercise and take care of ourselves, which was the opposite of not only other students thoughts, but even my own.

She was saying we are doing it right if we get old. We are blessed if we get old, and that's such a mind frame to have. Respect our age and the elderly is not a new concept, but one that we can renew.

One way I can own my age is by calling my years levels, instead of years. As we age, we move up levels, like a video game.

Here's to eating better, exercising more, feeling more youthful and increasing my levels!


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plan a week of workouts

x is for exercise

X is for Exercise

Now that summer is here, I have more time for this. I've already begun walking more but my gym is missing me so now I'm aiming for more exercise there as well. It always feels like a big deal beginning workouts, but once that habit is formed literally within two weeks, I can't wait to go back.

There's so many different ways to workout, and I have so many supplies at home to help with it as well, but the gym makes it a more formal experience and once I'm there, it's easy to keep going for the hour I like to stay for. At home, I may start working out, but slack off much sooner.

Wish me luck, and I wish you luck in what your intent for the week is. xo

My blog in 2016 for letter X is also here and is about expectations of your day, which is the same as having intentions for your day.

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W for Wiser

w is for wiser

A wiser week

My week of intent will be about coming out at the end a bit wiser. That gives me a really good excuse to read even more. I love to read, and as entertaining as it is, it can also make me more knowledgeable.

Depending on what I read, I can learn more about any topic in the world, but there's always more vocabulary out there waiting to be learned. I can ask my daughter to use her Spanish II education as we go about our days and I can learn a few more Spanish words.

I can watch a few shows on the Discovery Channel instead of always turning on HGTV. It won't even take much effort. I can just sit back and read, relax or listen.

I think it's a wise decision to become wiser. I've already begun. 🙂

Enjoy your intentions, whatever you choose.


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glass half full

v is for views

Views and perspectives

The views we have on everything from waking up in the morning (I'm NOT very morning-ish), to our opinions on watching the news kind of run our life. We've all heard the saying, the glass is half empty versus half full, but what we can really be saying is the glass is ready for MORE. Fill up my cup to the rim, please! Ready for more, excited for more and looking forward to more lifts my spirits.

Positive thinking is important, of course, but being ready for the next thing and being engaged with life will make your days more intriguing.

So my view for this week will be not looking for more, but ready for more. Creating more of what makes me smile, living up to higher standards that give me a more valuable life.

Doing more for myself that lifts me up...what's not to like? I'm ready for more of that. Do more for the good, more for your health, more for your neighbor.

V doesn't give me many choices of a weekly word, but views is a good one. What MORE do you see coming your way? Enjoy the week with whatever you choose.


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ABC Blogs Slow down

“S” is for slow down

A busy time is the time to slow down

This week I am going to slow down. My daughter and I were counting how many days straight she has had dance. 13 days in a row. This was during testing and exams at school as well. The past two days were her recitals, which made a momma (me) so proud. I help backstage for one of the shows. I witness the dancers excitement, dilemma's, quick-fixes, quick-changes and relief. Then I watch one of the shows the next day and sit back and know what hard work has gone into the recital over the last few months. There are so many people involved in making it happen; teachers, dancers, staff and volunteers. It's a beautiful program and the girls come out of it so proud and happy to have been involved, and excited for the next one near the holidays.

Schedule down time during busier weeks

Needless to say, we've been on the go constantly. I want nothing more than to slow down. And with the end of the school year nearing, there are still so many activities ahead. We looked back today and said, "we did it!" There's so many things that didn't get done, mainly household duties, but we can say we did all the things that needed to get done.

Even though busy times still lay ahead, we are going to slow down intentionally. We need the rest and rejuvenation. This week we are looking to slow down, all the way through Mother's Day.

If you want to focus your intent to slow down, include activities in your day that help you do that, whether it be walks, yoga, the gym or even knitting or drawing. Find a place and a time to make sure your day and your mind both slow down.

Here's to blessings of busy-ness, but also the blessing of knowing when to slow down.

Enjoy your week. xo

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raw vegetables - Do What FUELS Good - "D" is for DO

r is for raw vegetables

raw vegetables

i have a week coming up that's going to be busier than most. i've made sure i'm ready in the stocking-groceries and laundry departments. i'm also making sure i stay energized. i'm upping the vegetable intake with raw vegetables. as we speak, i have containers of vegetables ready for the next few days.

thank goodness i love raw vegetables. i'm actually looking forward to it. i'm also trying it without the slacking-off part.

monday intent: be a cow and eat a lot of raw vegetables. i got this. i'll still indulge in starbucks or chocolate. i'm just going to really offset them with healthy foods.

I'll tell you if it works. 🙂 I hope you are still with me. Work on some sort of intention each week for your own self-care. R for me was going to be to start running again (from forever ago). I even bought a new pair of running shoes. But my body says: "no. i'm good with you walking. let's just walk." And me being the good listener, i say, "no problem. it's getting hot outside anyways." Thank goodness i love walking.  Good luck on your own intentions this week.


plan your intentions with my free daily planner as well: HERE

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being quiet is instrumental during stressful days and weeks.

q is for quiet

q is for quiet. if you read my post last week, you know that my daughter has dance six days a week right now (to prepare for her recital). that means we're in the car a lot after school is out. it means a quick dinner somewhere and homework squeezed in between school, dance and bed.

quiet the busy

quiet is time needed to rejuvenate, even if we do it together. nearby one another while she does her homework while i'm in the kitchen. sometimes we'll lay quietly next to each other watching TV. i'll take quiet walks that will most likely involve louder music. lol. but pressing for quiet moments among the busier, hectic days will help us get through them in sync, ready to take them on.

q is a hard one, but making sure that we experience thought-inducing moments together during those stressful days and weeks is important in reaching the other side of the week in tact. it means being more simplistic and calm. i can feel it already. 🙂


my previous abc blog letter q was for quiet your mind, and it is one of my most favorite blogs. it's perfect reading to go along with this current blog. enjoy it here.

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abc blogs for intentions 2018

p is for poo-poo planning

p is for poo-poo  planning. no over planning this week. not in ALL areas. especially as a teacher, my planning is a must. but i took a day off recently and it felt so good to not plan much. it was a beach day and after that, anything went. it was super relaxing, fun and peaceful.

i plan my day out almost daily. structure and rigidness is needed, especially for me; the procrastinator. but it sure feels good not to plan anything sometimes. poo-poo planning might mean that nothing gets done. if nothing gets done, it might be a very relaxing day. so be it.


so this week, even though my daughter has dance six of the seven days, i'll be poo-poo planning at home. i will do what i feel like doing once i'm home. some days that might be cleaning. some days it might include a few episodes of chip and joanne, popcorn and a coke, even if it's not the weekend. so sue me. lol.

rebelling against routine is not the worst, and sometimes it can be the best idea ever. planning? no, thanks. panning the planning for the week. 🙂


my 2016 abc blog: p is for moms being pack leaders. if you're a mom, you are a pack leader. love and nurturing and keeping our babies safe is an instinctual thing and acting like a mother wolf is the most natural thing in the world. if you're doing it, you're doing it right. find it here.

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eat healthy to live healthy

n is for nutrition

i've been doing something totally unlike me for the sake of nutrition. i've been bringing a snack to work lately. that's not unusual but what's unusual for me is that it's a container of fresh, raw vegetables. i eat them straight out of the container and when i do it i feel like a barn animal because who does that?! but i'm finding ways to sneak in healthier snacks (in between the not so healthy snacks). to not lose interest in nutrition, it has to be vegetables that i like. but now i'm finding i need to change it up on occasion to prevent boredom of the same ones.

vegetables over fruit

i like vegetables more than fruit so it's an easy choice. i think i'd eat more fruit if i didn't like chocolate so much. i think my sweet tooth is OVER satisfied so when someone says fruit, i might say, nah, too sweet.

vegetables are bland when you aren't seasoning and cooking them but it's not end of all awful. if i think of them as healthy for my insides, it's no big deal to eat a container full.

i've been eating radishes, carrots, celery, broccoli and cauliflower raw. there isn't much flavor but when you talk about health, flavor isn't as important, as long as it doesn't taste bad (you know, like brussel sprouts). unless of course, you like brussel sprouts.

intentions for the week: find ways to eat nutritious foods, and in the highest context. a.k.a. minus the seasonings and fats. THEN i can have my french fries. 🙂


My previous ABC blog was n for nurture. it was a longer blog but a reminder of how important nurturing is to our physical selves. find it here.

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