Destination Known

It’s summer and I haven’t headed anywhere yet. As a preschool teacher, I’m home for the summer with my son and daughter. I like to decompress in the first part of summer but today I’ve realized that I haven’t started doing that yet after three weeks of summer passing. I’m still floundering in To-Do’s. I’ve gotten a lot done, accomplished quite a bit, but I haven’t completed projects that I wanted to have finished by now. In fact, I've even started new ones that could have waited until later. I’m floundering.

We all know where we are going. Most of us can safely conclude it’s upwards.

And I’m not talking about where we are going tomorrow, where we are going financially or where we are going socially. I mean, where we are GOING, going. So while we are down here, we need to make sure our days lead upwards.


The destination we are inevitably heading towards doesn't need to be on our minds every day, but our direction should be.

We have an imaginary ladder that sits outside of our front door every day. When we leave the house, will we be one rung higher when we return home or one lower? One rung up constitutes feeling good about yourself and making others feel good during our travels that day. If we came home feeling remorseful about how we made someone feel today, or if we made a bad decision, our ladder AND our spirit are getting rung down. Yes, traffic was bad, but we made it home safely. Worry about the ladder, not the traffic. Our days affect us all inwardly. How we handle it will then determine the REST of our day, and probably the rest of our FAMILY’S day, too. So when we put our key in our door or pull into our garage, we should check the ladder.


We can vow to be Rung Leaders. Our rungs are endless so we can go as high as we want to. It’s the one place not to be afraid of heights.

As Rung Leaders, we get extra distance if we allow others to climb upwards on our ladder. Give a rung away once in a while. Believe it or not, you’ll gain more rungs.

It’s easy to earn rungs. You don’t have to come home with a big paycheck, a new car or even organic groceries. You just need to be kind and thoughtful and world embracing. And as Rung Leaders, we are teaching our little rung leaders to become big rung leaders one day.

What should we do today to help us finish one rung higher, minimum, by days end? Right now I’m sharing rung habits. I’ll check my ladder later when I take the dog out. And if I stop and chat with my neighbor, Linga longer than my normally rushed walk, I’m pretty sure my ladder will be prettier on my return. And I like pretty things.

It’s not possible to go past the top rung no matter how hard we try. There are always more rungs. But it does count later. LATER, later.

So I’ll continue working on my To-Do’s and my stock pile of paperwork and my floundering. But when we reach our destination, we won’t be looking back down the ladder at our To-Do’s and workload and cars and houses and furniture. We’ll look back at our leadership. Our actions. Our children. How we affected others. No one up there is going to say, but your laundry…gosh…you never ever completely finished it. They will notice how many people were able to use your ladder and how they will be using it for years to come. And you will be crowned a Rung Leader. If you want to head in that direction, put your crown on now, and you’ll never have to worry if it’s going to fit or not. It just will.

Mommy’s Rule The World.  Lead The Way, Mommies~~            Love, Katherine~~

Katherine A. Rayne is an author. Her book, Back To Being A Woman (Without Changing The Man) will help you wear colorful, well-fitted crowns. Make your ladder and path light up for those behind you.  Join us for inspiration.

@BeingAWoman on Twitter for #DailyChallenges to combine with the challenges we all face as Mom’s everyday.

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