"D" is for DO

Eight (8) Reasons for Just Doing It – “D” is for DO

Eight (8) Reasons for Just Doing It - “D” is for Do

I put the pro in procrastinate. Ask my friends. Even with all of my quotes of inspiration and my anti-worry campaigning, I’m a very proficient procrastinator. I don’t look at it as a negative, though. It’s truly my personality and I can’t do a thing to change it. But meanwhile, there’s a lot that I can do! And there’s a lot that I continue to do. It doesn’t stop me from doing the things that I want to do, either. It just takes me longer to do them than you.

“Doing” the things that matter to me does my soul good. It accelerates me.

Definition of do: to bring to pass: carry out   (a.k.a. make shit happen)

How soon do ants begin to rebuild their ant hill after the rain or a spray of your hose takes it down? ASAP. They don’t stand around and wonder wtf just happened, or sit down to discuss how to fix it like roadside workers. They don’t even worry if it’s going to happen again after they take the time to rebuild. They know that in order to rebuild, they need to begin, and they do it instinctively and without a thought.

I can’t tell you how often I contemplate a project instead of just beginning it. There's nothing wrong with figuring it out as I go, instead. Planning is great, too, as long as you begin doing it.

So, for your and my purpose, here are eight (8) good reasons for Doing!

  • Meeting your passions

When you know the things that you LOVE to do and the things that you are passionate about, doing them will feed your soul and inspire you to feel what living is supposed to feel like. Living a passionate life will encourage more happiness in your life. Whatever it is that you LOVE doing, do it. I know that time doesn’t allow us to do those things all of the time, but make enough time throughout your week to spend on something that you’re passionate about, no matter what anybody else says about it.

  • Leads us to discovery

Doing what needs to be done and doing what we love leads us forward to more learning and more discovering. We’ve mastered so many things in our life, but perpetually mastering new things leads you to places of constant renewal (and away from boredom and monotony, yes, please).

  • Mastering more

Long ago I read a story about a homeless young woman who put herself through college. She didn’t let not having a real home limit her in the ways that she could control. She had hours and hours to spend somehow, so she chose to spend it at school and at jobs in order to pay for schooling. The more we do, the more we know, understand and become capable of.

  • Gets rid of the doubt

If you think that you’re not capable, if you think that you can’t do it, you only have to prove it to yourself that you can. Maybe it won’t be in the way that you had planned, but experiencing trial and error as you do it won’t be wasted efforts. Why waste your thoughts on thinking that you can’t, when you can just get to work doing it. Even one small step towards it is better than sitting in doubt.

  • Diss the fear

So there’s lots of things that we are hesitant or even afraid to do, so how do we become unafraid of doing them? By doing them. Sometimes it’s just the unknown that we’re afraid of. But if we plug along and knock out that dreaded fear, we get one step closer to mastering it, and we get to move it over from the “fear” column and over to the “tada!” column.

  • You’re the one who knows what it is that you need to do

Write a list, quickly and randomly, of all of the things that come to mind about what you need to do to take you from fear, hesitation and procrastination and get you to the making shit happen stage. Things that have bothered you for a really long time, or things that would make you super happy. And then start doing them and checking them off. When you are finished that list, make another one.

  • Do what makes change for the better (not worse!)

I will be the first to admit that I make choices each day that are not in my best interest, but once I’ve done them, I let them go and then start fresh again. So while you are doing your thing, make sure that for a large percentage of your time, you are making choices in your favor. If you score a 90% of good choices over bad choices by the end of the day, it’s still an “A.”  Just promise yourself that you will start doing good for yourself in the best way that you can.

  • It’s more instinctive than overthinking, and it cuts through the crap

Back to the example of the ants. Stop talking about what you want to do, and just start doing it. Turn, “I think I’ll wash the car today,” into “I’ll be back in an hour…the car needs a wash.” Or turn “I miss doing my art,” into “I’m going to the craft store…see you later!”

And this one is really important. Sometimes it’s just as important to do nothing. I’m a procrastinator, but I never feel bad about taking “down” time.

Do something amazing, do something fun, and do something that benefits yourself and others. Let it inspire you to do even more of those things that make you feel good and make you happy. Do what FUELS good.

Do What FUELS Good

Katherine A. Rayne is writing a blog series on the ABC’s of #BetterChoices2016. This is her fourth post, “D” is for DO. Find previous posts at her blog on Grab a free print-out of her Bucket List How-To form here and make your own. Share this article with friends that you think might want to make better choices along with us in 2016.

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