Eating Healthy Food

F is for Food, of course


F is for Food this week for me. I know I did E for Eating last week, so it might seem like a repeat, but food is serious business. I watch our technology in the world improve with major growth; smart phones, computers, televisions, automobiles, Alexa's in our homes, advancement in medicines and treatments. Meanwhile, I watch our food intake seemingly go backwards.

If we are able to make everything in the world faster, better, stronger, more logical and more sophisticated, how is it that our diets continue to get worse, more toxic, more sugary, more gluten, more chemicals and less healthy?

What would our diets look like if we were to strive for better, healthier, stronger and leaner, instead of faster, easier and more processed? And then what would WE look like with better diets.

I always have snacks (read: junk food) in the house. There's also snacks that I refuse to keep in the house because I might eat all of it in a single sitting. My daughter asked for some delicious bakery cookies a while back when we were in the grocery store. I told her no and she asked why not. I told her it was because I'd eat them. lol. But truthfully, I still could eat healthier. Even when I'm eating healthy.

It's a matter of mind frame, but so hard sometimes. So that's my F word this week in order to further motivate my choices each day.

I found F to have an abundance of choices: fun, family, food and festive. So whatever you choose, choose in the best interest of you and your week. Have fun with your family, eat good food and make each day festive!

"Eat less sugar. You're sweet enough already."  (i love that but have no idea who said it.) xo

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