“F” is for Free To Choose – Pandora’s Box

"F" is for Free to Choose

The story of Pandora’s box goes that she opened the box out of curiosity and all sorts of evils of the world escaped. All that was left inside of the box was hope. Let’s pretend for the moment. Let’s say that you’re a worry wart. Pretend that you opened your own Pandora’s Box, and all of your worries flew out until there were no more left. The only thing left in your box was hope that you haven’t used yet. You’ve been making choices based on fear for so long and you've finally let them all go. Your choices from now on are all based on hope.

Cooooolllll. 🙂

So what do you hope for and what choices can you make to make your hopes happen?

You are free to choose how your day will go. My series of blogs for 2016 is about making better choices, and the way your day will go is based a lot on what choices you make as it progresses. Even if you are having the kind of day that you’d much rather be doing something else, you get to choose the way you will experience it.

How will you start your day? How will you end your day?

What will you do through your day? What will be fun throughout your day? What will you make fun throughout your day?

You don’t have to wait and see how it will end, or let it end the same way that it always does. You can change it. Right now you know how your day will go with its’ normal routine. What could you do to change it to make it better or more interesting or more engaging? My days can get pretty boring. They become repetitive. I leave work and do the same things…errands, grocery store, pick up my daughter from school, finish any errands and then go home for HomeworkDinnerLaundryWalkdogBed. Then it’s often repeated exactly the same way the next day. It’s choices that I make during that time that can make it more fun.

How will you cook dinner? Candles, music, with or without little helping hands setting the table for you, or in front of the TV alone with your meal, glass of wine and your favorite show that’s been recorded for weeks. (That was supposed to sound enticing.) 😉

There are weeks at a time that my routine becomes stagnant. That’s my sign to get more creative.

Be global. There is constant change in the world. Make sure that you are changing and renewing like the world does. You’ve opened your Pandora Box and released all of the worries and fears in your minds’ world. Now dig down deep inside of it for the hopes and dreams that have been buried under the fears and act on them by choosing them.

What choice will you make today that will change  and renew you?

Katherine A. Rayne is blogging the ABC's Blog Series of #BetterChoices2016 to encourage you to create a life you love. You can find her previous blogs (A, B, C, D and E) here.

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