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"Whatever's good for your that."

I change my FREE PRINTABLES occasionally. Browse and choose from one or all of the Free Printables below. If you want to discover a new way to organize your day one day at a time and have had enough of the stickies stuck all over the place as reminders,  I highly recommend the Fancy Pants Version of my Elegant Engineer Planner or the simpler form of my Elegant Engineer Planner here. Both are based on my book, #Live Simply #Live Elegantly Your Life Journal to help you simplify your way to sanity. You don't need the book to utilize the form so help yourself. It's self-explanatory and Free! ElegantEngineeringMy Daily Planner gives you a fresh start on planning every day.

Free Printable of Lunch box jokes!    PosterLunchboxSeptember

Roughage Salad dressing -  this is important for your intestines.

"R" is for Roughage


2016Goals Worksheet. It's never too late to make or change goals for the year. Print your free copy here.

Weekly Workout




Move your body a different way every day for exercise and plan it with my Weekly Workout worksheet. You need a day off from work, but not from blood circulation. Exercise every day.

PosterElegantEngineering0My Fancy Pants Version of My Elegant Engineer Planner


This print-out is explained in my book #Live Simply #Live Elegantly Your Life Journal, but you can still use it on its own as your Daily Planner to help you feel more accomplished every day. Print it out and try it for one day and see how easy it is. (Print out the less fancy (less ink!) version here.