Setting goals with

G is for Making Goals

"G" is going to be really easy. For me, it will be for making more Goals. I work on my To-Do's religiously, but my goals tend to come second to them, which might be a bit backwards. My To-Do's are those things that need planning and scheduling and have deadlines. To-Do's are more like duties. Goals are more like luxuries.

Meeting Goals

I'd love to meet some of my goals that sit out there waiting patiently, floating on by, pacing the air. They never leave. They just wait. And in some cases, wait and wait and wait. Goals are so easy to put aside. This week, it's going to be all about putting them out front, written down along-side my To-Do's, which btw I'm really good about putting down each night (see my one-page, one-day-at-a time planner here).

Putting a deadline on a couple of my goals will give them the attention that they deserve. I foresee a fun week ahead.

How about you? G is for...? good? great? grand? good night's sleep? The more I type, the better "Goal" sounds.

No matter what you put out in front of you this week, good luck!


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"A" is for accepting your present existence
"B" is for be you
"C" is for create
"D" is for do
"E" is for eating and exercising
"F" is for free to choose
"G" is for grit
"H" is for higher
"I" is for intelligence preservation
"J" is for just dance
"K" is for kick crap to the curb
"L" is for look for the lesson
"M" is for Making Memories Last
"A" - "M" to Better Choices
"N" is for Nurture
"O" is for optimum
"P" is for moms are pack leader
"Q" is for quiet your mind
"R" is for reorganizing 
"S" is for simplifying
"T" is for being your own teacher
"U" is for utilizing 5 tools we already own
"V" is for visualize your day
"W" is for walking

"X" is for eXpecting good things

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