G is for Grit - No Grit, No Pearl

“G” is for Grit – No Pearl, No Grit

“G” is for Grit – No Grit, No Pearl

Long ago, I came across the inspiring quote, “a diamond is merely a lump of coal that did well under pressure.” Of course, that’s supposed to make us feel better when we are going through tough times by telling us that we will shine at the other end of the trauma. I came across a different saying for the first time the other day, long after I decided that G would be for Giving Thanks. “No grit, No pearl.” I decided that I liked this saying better than the diamond one because as well as I might handle my challenges, I still don’t like to feel pressured. So we are making “G” about Grit this week.

Grit is hard and disturbing. It gets in your shoes and in your chips and all over your car after a day at the beach, and who do you know that likes grit in their teeth? Grit doesn’t create pressure, it just sticks out like a sore thumb. Grit is problems and aggravations and life altering occurrences.

No matter who you are or when you were born, your life will be full of grit. Not a little bit or a minimal amount, but lots and lots. We were born to head towards the hard stuff so that we can grow.

And to help us get through it, I think it’s important to own our grit. You know those things in life that don’t feel like they should be happening to us, or the things in life that don’t seem fair. We have to fully embrace those things that rub us the wrong way, that disturb our peaceful way of living, that change the course of our lives, because they are going to happen again and again. The sooner we can accept and embrace those things, the sooner we can turn them into a beautiful part of us.

An oyster can’t spit out this gritty grain of sand and we can’t disown our own grit. He has to work with it and begin a long process of turning it into something completely different than what it began as. It actually increases in size instead of shrinking. We have to learn how to walk with our grit, live with it and be with it, while recognizing the beauty that it can add to our lives and the beauty we can add to our lives because of it.

Pick any grit in your life and ask yourself what the silver lining might be. (There’s always at least one.) Focus on the silver lining instead of the irritation of it and then plan how you’re going to grow the silver lining into gold.

We have to begin putting layer upon layer of shine upon the grit until it no longer rubs us in the wrong way. Whether you’re creating pearls, diamonds or gold, you are living life. Note that it all adds up to shining through it. When you find your shine, it's beautiful.

Start turning your grit into shiny iridescent gems. No pressure, though. 🙂

xo Katherine 

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