How To Make Chicken Soup Ez-Pz Style

Maybe you’ll get sick, maybe a little chickadee in your home will, or a big one. Or maybe no one will, but chicken soup is like a warm blanket in cold weather. Always keep the necessary ingredients for chicken soup in your home, whether you end up needing it for yourself or for a neighbor.

Whether you cook or not, this is a very easy recipe. Simple really is going to be simple.

Step one: on the way home from work or errands or where ever, pick up a rotisserie chicken at your local supermarket deli. 🙂

Fight traffic to get home.

Unload groceries.

Check the mail.

Walk the dog.


Feed the dog.

Feed any lingering children in need of a snack.

Throw the clothes in the dryer that have been sitting in the washer all day long.

Turn on dryer.

Ignore the mess on the kitchen counters.

Wash hands. (For the one hundredth time today, if you are anything like me.)

Pull out Dutch oven  from pots and pans cupboard.

Put back anything that fell out while digging out Dutch oven.

Put Dutch oven on top of stove.

Pull out any vegetables that you want in your soup: carrots, celery, mushrooms, potatoes, but most importantly, onions. Even more important, wash them.

Poke holes in potato with a fork and bake it in microwave to speed up softening of potato.

Cut up celery, onions, mushrooms and carrots.

Put two tablespoons of canola oil into Dutch oven.

Warm Dutch oven and oil on medium high; then add carrots, celery, mushrooms and onions.

While that simmers, unwrap rotisserie chicken.

Wash hands again (if you're anything like me).

While eating bites of the dark meat yourself, (you do not have to do that, but I do), cut breasts from chicken and cut them into small bite-size pieces. Add more chicken from other body parts, if desired.

Meanwhile, do not overcook (burn) onion, celery, mushroom and carrot mixture.

Once onions are clear/see-through, add chicken pieces to Dutch oven. Allow mixture to simmer.

Then add salt, parsley, oregano, basil, turmeric and any other seasonings you prefer.

Personally, I hate black pepper. I never use it.

I add a squeeze of lemon juice. But that's just me.

Cut up microwaved potato into small cubes, and add to mixture. Simmer a couple minutes more, then add water.

Allow soup to warm on medium to medium-high, stirring occasionally. Simmer and serve.

You are going to wonder how much water to add, but I do not measure. I normally fill the Dutch oven approximately halfway with water. You are going to ask how much parsley, how much basil, how much salt, how much celery and how many carrots but as long as you are asking how to make chicken soup, there is no right answer. It's up to you; trust yourself. I always start with less is more, and after that I can always add more after tasting. Kind of like life.

Enjoy your soup. Share with sick people. And I'll tell you what I always tell my preschool students after we say our prayer: "Bon Appetit, Now we can eat!"

Katherine xo

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