increase intelligence each day this week

I is for Increase Intelligence

How am I going to get smarter this week and increase intelligence? That question alone will make me think. I could learn a new word & definition each day, do crossword puzzles, read random trivia or meditate. Each day I will have the intent to increase intelligence, in a different way each day.

I can easily fall into the rut of doing the same stuff each day that's required, but between making my home a happier place and having intent for improvement each week, the rut can disappear.

Improving by working on my memory and doing things in a new and different way will change the same old same old to something more interesting and new things to look forward to.

So I is for "Increase Intelligence." I hope your intent this week is engaging and successful. And that you are still in the game. Have the best Monday! xo

P. S. My blog I wrote back in 2016 was also about improving intelligence and memory. You can find the post here.

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