“J” is for Just Dance !


"J" is for Just Dance ! (and Just Dance #FreebieFriday freebie is below.)

Kinda’ cliché, I know, and you’ve heard it a thousand times before, but those two words can change my perspective instantly.

“J” was a hard one. I had a few ideas and none of them were working. I couldn’t think of a topic and that’s frustrating when you’re already late with your blog. So when I get my undies in a bunch over something, especially something as simple as a topic, I know it’s time to stop fretting and to also stop trying so hard. It’s time to just dance. (TaDa!)

Do you know that saying, “what will it matter five years from now?” We are supposed to ask ourselves that question each time we get stuck on a matter that bothers us. A good example is if we use it when our kids are doing something that we are giving them grief over. But what they are doing, will it really matter five years from now? Sometimes the answer is yes, but most often it’s no.

Flat tires, broken dishes, rude people, muddy puddles, a bad haircut, dessert for dinner, mismatched clothes, and spilled milk won’t matter five years from now, along with a gazillion other things.

After my mom died 11 years ago, I found out what the “small stuff” was, and learned that I no longer sweated it anymore. At her memorial a few days after she had passed away, the video tribute we’d put together malfunctioned. In front of a quiet crowd in a funeral home, it stopped working and we didn't know if we could get it back on again. The old me would have probably felt embarrassed and inadequate and apologetic to everyone in the room, but the new me sat there, sympathetic to the funeral director who was trying to get it working, but I wasn’t worried or even bothered that it might not turn back on. It was so small on my scale of important things now. WAY down at the bottom.

It was at that moment that I realized just how much my perspective had changed by losing my mom, and there was even a tinge of relief. I knew that all of the things that I’d allowed myself to get stressed out about in the past would no longer stress me out. They were small, small, small in the workings of life. The bigger picture had just shown itself, and I saw it so clearly.

Mom’s death: BIG                    A dishwasher flooding my kitchen: little

I came across a saying today while reading Arianna Huffington’s book, Thrive, and the saying works so well with what I’m trying to say today.

“Angels can fly because they take themselves lightly.”  -G. K. Chesterton

Arianna’s mother used to say that to her when she was young to remind her not to take herself so seriously. To be able to laugh at ourselves is a skill that we need to have in order to maneuver life. Laughter really is medicine. And so is having fun.

So keep your dancing shoes on at all times. It’s so much more fun to dance, even through the hardships.

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