“K” is for Five (5) Ways to Kick the Crap to the Curb

"K" is for Five (5) Ways to Kick the Crap to the Curb!

Kick the crap to the curb. This is a fun one for me. I’m a clutter bug at heart and it drives me crazy. If my head and home are cluttered, I can't think straight and my focus is way off, but I’ve improved my odds against it over the course of the past year by becoming more organized and also by redirecting my focus towards things that I love to do.

I admire friends that get rid of things easily. I tend to focus more on the sentiment of an item and look for reasons to keep it. It’s a constant battle that I’m slowly winning.Letting go isn’t a bad thing! should be my daily mantra.


Last summer I wrote #Live Simply #Live Elegantly Your Life Journal, while living it. Its purpose is to clear out the clutter in countless ways, but mostly to clear the clutter out of your head in order to think more clearly and become more focused. And clearing out the clutter in my house began the process, so I wrote about it and successfully accomplished what I set out to do; clear the clutter – have more focus – concentrate more on the things that I love doing.

These five (5) things will help you Kick the Crap to the Curb. They are simple ideas to help you begin disposing of things in your life that weigh you down, hold you back and distract you. “Crap” to me can mean “stuff” that I hold on to, but it can also mean the food that I keep in my cupboards that steals my focus and clogs my brain.

Five Ways to Kick the Crap to the Curb
  1. Set a timer for 30 minutes and begin cleaning out your pantry. Keep in mind there’s lots of processed foods in most people’s pantries. Those kinds of foods not only clog up your arteries but also your brain. Get rid of the crap. If you finish before the time is up, move on to your refrigerator.
  2. Set your timer for 30 minutes again. Whichever room you spend the most time in, walk around and remove anything that you don’t love or aren’t attached to. Remove anything that doesn’t belong there, such as out of place items. I’m really bad about having a catch-all space in most of the rooms in my house, especially the kitchen. I have to stop and purge at least once a week. Decide how that room would inspire a more peaceful feeling for you and how you can implement the changes. Creating peace/removing crap = a more focused mind.
  3. Keep a Promise Journal. Each morning, write down what promises you are making to yourself that day that will keep you far away from “crap.” Eat at a healthier restaurant for lunch, skip the chips, or take a walk instead of a run to Starbucks. You know your day better than anyone and how it might go. Plan to avoid the crap-traps.
  4. Write down in that same journal, five (5) things that you will do when you get weak. If you normally reach for ice-cream (like me) in the evenings, write down other activities you will do instead; play a game on your phone, browse funny videos, write those long delayed thank you cards, or go to bed early to avoid the temptation all together. Stack success in your favor by being prepared.
  5. Think about what’s fun to do and do more of it. Boredom invites all kinds of crap. Being busy and having fun invites better choices and more options.

Often times I feel like I live in my car, driving my daughter to school, to and from dance, errands, grocery shopping, and everything in between. My car is messy by the end of the week. When I clear my car of crap, it lightens my load and allows me to focus on more positive and inviting thoughts.

Whatever crap you can think of, think of how you can dispose of it from your life. Once you make it a habit, it will allow you to live more freely and more focused.

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