letter “c” for consistency

i'm beginning with consistency.

it's already a new week...and happy mlk day! i have a dream: a new year = a new me. and that brings us straight to letter "c" for my week of intention: focus and consistency.

C is for consistency

and to make it easy, i'm choosing one area that i want to be consistent in. exercise. i love to walk for peace of mind and exercise. i find that when i don't make the time for it, i don't feel as healthy and as happy as when i do.

my daughter starts school at an ungodly hour now that she's in high school. what that means is that she gets out sooner as well. the time that i would have to do my walks before i pick her up from school has shrunk down to about 45 minutes. since there is other things that i MUST get done, that leaves walking as a luxury, as in easier to put aside. the time change also hurts because by 6:00pm it's already dark out, and i don't walk at night.

but this week, i want to fix that. i can't look at walking as a luxury, it's a need.

this week i will force myself to find the time and the energy. consistently. i know how i feel after a long walk, and i'm going to aim for that every other day.

choose a "c" word

the word doesn't have to be "consistent," but the action should be.  have a consistent intention this week and make sure that you have fun with it, too.  xo K

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