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What is Love www.backtobeingawoman.com
What is Love www.backtobeingawoman.com

What is Love

Love begins as a light inside. The light grows as we do, unless it is stifled by words, treatment, outsiders and influence. The light needs to be nurtured to grow.

Having love is seeing that light in everyone and everything, even if it no longer shines. Looking past color, sins, flaws, issues, actions and judgments. Being love is looking through eyes that have no shield or reservation. Being open to possibilities of something being different than what it appears.

Love isn’t about loving everyone, it’s about loving life and embracing each new experience as it happens to us and to others. We carry love in our hearts, and having love is when we give it freely versus hiding it and holding it back.

When my son was in second grade, he asked me not to kiss him at carline anymore when dropping him off at school to save embarrassment. I told him to be embarrassed about hate, not about love, and love is what he’s kept at his side and in his heart since that day fourteen years ago. He learned love in many moments including that one. He was given love and he has given love.

Love is easier than any other emotion and it’s living life with your light always on.

Photo - blog challenge with the Daily Post: One Love

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