Miss Takes

Miss Takes

There are so many tragedies in life and some of us end up owning more than our fair share. To take them on, we first have to own them. Allow them to settle into our lives and into our bones, then deal with them, live through them and find the lesson in them.

Tragedies happen to help us uncover our weaknesses and limitations. We are forced to find our interior light which becomes our life compass. We will use it to shine our way through the dark. So put on your big-girl-panties, and your sunglasses, and Shine-Own! You are the light in your dark!


Making the most of your moments will help make the most out of you.

From the day we are born, life is already planning out our highs and lows for us. We hit so many roadblock-lows. We don’t understand why we keep hitting them, but we are there to shine. We won’t feel like it. We will feel like shutting down and closing off the outside world and sitting in the dark. But once we've rinsed our hearts clean with our tears and pushed ourselves up from the depression-inducing sofa, we need to dig for the lesson. There are always lessons, and I don’t want you to miss even one.

Lessons are what give you your light. The more cracks in your soul, the more light that seeps out. So what are you waiting for? Start bleeding your light. Stop holding it in and suffocating it. Own it and shine it! Shine-own!

You are enough. Who you are, as you are, you’re enough. It’s wonderful to have family to support you, and friends to go through the valleys with you. We need to depend on others in order to live a sane life. Having support and love and shoulders to cry on is vital. But even if everyone you depended on left tomorrow, as you are, you are abundant on your own. You have everything you need to do what needs to be done and to get through the dark on your own. This world belongs to you. Along your journey, you can pull ahead through life as far as you want to or you can just lag behind everyone else and watch them live in the light that we are all entitled to. So forgive, accept, love, smile, give, live, embrace, own and shine. You own those traits already. Use them blatantly and with everyone.

I was a mistake as an embryo. Not planned for and not wished-upon-a-star for. I was a determined-to-be-born sperm that tail-ended a family of three other daughters, so of course dad wished for a boy. Without anyone wishing for me, as I am, I still made it here. And even though my embryo was a mistake, I am not. The universe and God don’t make mistakes. They make life and birth and death and imperfection and perfection and miracles and tragedy and beauty. Even their ugly is beauty. But there are no mistakes. To waste those non “Miss Takes,” is such a big mistake. I was put here to make differences. Plurally. And the differences need to linger on after I’m only a light. The fact that I am writing this means that I have fingers and eyesight. We know for sure that I have a brain. That’s all I need.

Now I am capable of making differences. To think, to grow, to learn, to lead, to move forward and to be abundant. To be enough. I am here for me but I am also here for you. I get to aim my Flash (of) Light anywhere I want to.

There are times that I feel the emotion that tells me “I’m not enough” creeping in. Even though I absolutely know that I am. But they say we’re not supposed to feel those ones.

We are “treated” for having sad, depressed, negative thoughts. We are given therapy, medications and we are shamed. Remember, though, that it is just advice from other “Miss Takes” and I've decided that I know myself better than they do.

I need those emotions. I’ve learned to trust them and to own them, whether they are negative or positive. I’m also very stubborn so I won’t stop feeling them, anyway. Eventually I shake off my negative ones, but only after I figure out what it is that I’m shaking off. Life is twists and turns and upside downs. Those moments were tailor made for me. They are what help direct me from my point A to point B. So I feel them and own them. And I never dull them or sugarcoat them. An emotional-diet rich in sugar is not healthy. Dulling them dulls my light. Emotions don’t scare me because they can’t harm me and I’m not me without them.

When I was a newly formed little being fresh outside of my mother’s womb, others’ emotions began to form mine. I felt, saw and heard their reactions to life as it happened, and so my judgments became based on what I learned from them. What I also learned along the way is that some of those emotions belonged to someone else and I didn't have to keep them. I could discard them or keep them. I control me. Miss Takes takes control!

Emotions are strong, but I am stronger. No one misses out on hurting during their lifetime, but the emotions we feel are normal. They happen, and then the cracks open us up and make us stronger and brighter.

Sit next to your emotions instead of in them. Have conversations with them as if they are a friend. Tell them what’s best for them, and for you. Be understanding but selfish. Give them space and the best advice that you know. Use your intuition. It’s there for a reason and it knows what it’s talking about. Let it walk you through your moments. Then own them. Take and own what life doesn’t want you to Miss out on. Be Miss Takes and all.

I am Miss Takes. Not only in physical form from birth, but I make lots of mistakes. I hate making mistakes and the older I get, the more I make. I go through the dark like everyone else so I keep my Flash Light at my side for when I need it and I use it oftenThe weight of your life does not have to influence your path. Your path as of this moment is clear and open to the direction that you want it to take.

When we get thrown into a boat of treacherous waters, life yells at us, “Sink or swim!” Don’t forget to yell back, “I’m in a LIFE boat! I’m floating!”

Float for as long as you need to. Floating is riding with the tide. It’s not even as involved as treading. Treading is kicking and paddling. Float and use your Flash Light for as long as you need to. When you’re ready to stop floating, start flying!

The cracks that happen in our lives only make us brighter. The challenges break us open, and out comes our light. The more cracks, the more light. I don't know about you, but my light is pretty stinkin’ shiny. 🙂 I'm aiming high! Embrace your light and shine it onto your days. Make sure that everyone has to wear sunglasses when you walk by!     

                       Fondly and with Love, ♥    Miss Takes

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