New Year New You – Letter A!

hello, 2018! i'm glad to say that i have no resolutions for the new year. these last few years i already feel like i'm on the "i can do better than this" train, whether it's march, june or january. i find taking one day at a time serves me better than putting huge goals out there, but there's always room for improvement. since i'm far from perfect and want to strive to do a bit better in any area in my life, i'm doing a week at a time. and it just happens to be the new year, too. fancy that.
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having a village to go through it with me helps me stay on top of some of the things i'll work on each week, so i'm inviting you to do it with me...(strength in numbers!).
i'm going to do that alphabet thing again, but in a different way than the blogs i did in 2016 (i'll be sending those out as well each week as a side note and a form of encouragement). my focus this time is giving you more control and choice over what you concentrate on every week.
the key words that i want to embed this time around are "intention" and "control," because when we get to choose what we set our intentions on, we can be more successful at making them happen, versus me choosing your focus word each week.
letter "a"
so this week is letter "A." choose a word that starts with "a" that you will focus on for the full week. for example, if you want your week to be "Amazing," then give yourself an intention each morning that "today will be AMAZING." write it down and post it on your bathroom mirror in plain sight, or set a reminder on your phone each day. plan for an amazing day each day.
and don't wait for amazing things to happen. it's up to you to make them amazing, or see the amazing in your moments throughout. you can't control if you get a flat tire, but you can control how you react to it. remind yourself how amazing it is that you know how to change the tire and fix the problem. remind yourself that it's so amazing that you can just call someone or a service, and they show up and fix it for you. how amazing is that?! awesome, actually.
so choose your word, and give the intention each morning that's what your day will be like.
my word will be "appreciation" this week because i want to focus on appreciating what already exists in my life and what i already can do. so in the morning when i'm putting on my make-up, i won't focus on the dark circles under my eyes or my large i will focus on the pretty blue in my eyes and that i have my sight, albeit with a need of contact lenses. how lucky can a girl get?!
begin with a new letter each monday
i'll be sending out a reminder each monday on facebook and in my emails so that you remember to start your week with a new intention and a new focus. it's also about creating habits. a habit to look for the good that already exists and to watch for the good that comes your way. we can get in the habit of seeing the bad or not appreciating the little things, but focusing on a positive word and intent can turn your whole day and week and hopefully your whole year around.
so what is your word of intent this week? if you get nothing else accomplished this week, just make sure that each day is that, whether it's amazing, appreciated, awesome, active, etc. look for that in each day as well. good luck with your first week of 2018!
happy new you! xo

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