“O” is for Optimum

"O" is for Optimum

 Optimum – adj. - most conducive to a favorable outcome; best.

How much do you do in your life that you can label as “optimum?” I’ve been thinking about it for a while and my answer would be nothing. When I eat, it’s not optimum to my health every single time. When I exercise, I could do much better. When I clean? Lol.

I feel like if I were to try to aim for optimum-everything, it would mentally and physically drain me, although if I were to be eating an optimum diet, I’d probably have superhuman energy. (Is optimum starting to sound a bit strange to you, too?).

I’m thinking the trick is to take aim in bite size pieces. I’ve been taking better care of my liver lately. I’ve been drinking and eating more bitter foods and liquids first thing in the morning and the last thing at night to rinse my liver of its toxic buildup. So if I stay on that course for a while, I’ll get closer to optimum liver health (if I stop eating CiCi’s Pizza cinnamon rolls).

I can eventually improve the care of my heart by increasing my cardio and eating a heart-healthier diet. I will continue to do that and then I’ll be ready to take on optimum brain care. I’m thinking I’ll just replace bread with avocado and replace chocolate with walnuts, or maybe keep the chocolate and lose the pasta. As much as I’d LOVE a clean diet, I don’t know how close I could get to it, but if I aim for optimum, and come up with very satisfactory, I’m still winning.

I was browsing Pinterest the other night again and came across a cool saying:

“In order to make the changes you want, you either need to start doing something, or stop doing something.”   unknown

That one sentence simplifies how to make changes, doesn't it? To rid yourself of that “bothersome habit” or to begin that “ideal project,” you can begin by either stopping it or starting it, and see where it takes you.

What is it that you’d love to change right now? What’s the first step that you can take to get there? How far can you push yourself to do the steps that it takes to get to “optimum?” Going as far as you can will make big changes in the long run.

Optimum – n. the most favorable conditions or level for growth, reproduction, or success. 


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"A" - "M" to Better Choices
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