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r is for raw vegetables

raw vegetables

i have a week coming up that's going to be busier than most. i've made sure i'm ready in the stocking-groceries and laundry departments. i'm also making sure i stay energized. i'm upping the vegetable intake with raw vegetables. as we speak, i have containers of vegetables ready for the next few days.

thank goodness i love raw vegetables. i'm actually looking forward to it. i'm also trying it without the slacking-off part.

monday intent: be a cow and eat a lot of raw vegetables. i got this. i'll still indulge in starbucks or chocolate. i'm just going to really offset them with healthy foods.

I'll tell you if it works. 🙂 I hope you are still with me. Work on some sort of intention each week for your own self-care. R for me was going to be to start running again (from forever ago). I even bought a new pair of running shoes. But my body says: "no. i'm good with you walking. let's just walk." And me being the good listener, i say, "no problem. it's getting hot outside anyways." Thank goodness i love walking.  Good luck on your own intentions this week.


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