“R” is for Reorganzing

R is for Reorganizing

I’m not very good at purging, but I love how it feels when I do. I’ve written a whole book on decluttering; decluttering your home, a room, one drawer, your refrigerator and even your mind. The feeling I get from cleaning, organizing, purging and refocusing feels as good as retail therapy to me.

I do a battle with clutter in my home during busy times, especially during the last month or so. My drop spots that become cluttered immediately are the kitchen counter, the foyer and in a corner in my family room. For two months straight, I was running in so many different directions without being able to slow down. One morning while I grabbed a pair of shoes out of the closet when I was on my way out the door yet again, I noticed that my closet had basically become an explosion of shoes. As I was putting them on, a label on one of my small shoe bins caught my eye. It was a label from a time when I was younger and more organized. The label was peeking out from behind the shoe explosion pile. It reads “Lego Manuals.”

When my now 23 year-old son was young, he had Legos galore, and each set came with instructions. Very often the structures would be built, then broken down, and all of the pieces would end up in one bucket swimming with a million other Lego pieces. Anytime he wanted to rebuild one, we’d pull out the Lego manuals so that we would know what pieces were needed. As challenging as the structures were to build, the manuals were always easy to find in their separate little bin. Boy do I miss those days.

As a single-working mom, there’s no going back to that life, but I still like doing the decluttering from time to time to rid myself of the stuff that I don’t need. Hence, "R" is for Reorganizing.

The book I've written was born out of a state of overwhelm and too much stuff in my home. I needed to simplify and get rid of tons of clothes, and yes, shoes. I had clutter piles in every room. So I wrote #Live Simply #Live Elegantly Your Life Journal, in order to journal my way through my home and my head. It worked, so I published my book and I plan to put it to use each summer to reclaim a more organized frame of mind.

I love the feeling I get just by cleaning out and organizing one drawer, so the book multiplies that feeling with each chapter of decluttering and simplifying.

You don't need the book to do it, either. Just start with the room that you are in right now. What can you get rid of? What don't you love? What's been out of place for a long time? What items are just outdated? Use a pair of fresh eyes if you can. What paintings are you not in love with that hang on your wall? When I sit in a room where I love the things surrounding me, it is a more refreshed and focused room for me. Doing one room at a time is all it takes.

Make #BetterChoices2016 today!    Katherine

Are you wanting to declutter your home and mind? Here’s my book. xo

And here's a freebie...here's how I declutter my intestines. If you want to try this, here's my mustard and lemon dressing recipe. xo

"R" is for Roughage

Always check with a health provider for dietary changes.

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