“S” is for Simplify

Do you love Henry David Thoreau as much as I do? I don’t know him personally, 🙂 but I wish I did. I skim through his quotes and I feel like he was talking to me. He talked about simplifying life as the key. (Take a moment to Google him to look through his quotes. My guess is that you would forget about me.) 

I treasure the idea of simplifying, but I seem to allow my brain to stay on overwhelm, even if I shouldn’t.

When I’m relaxing at home, there's always a few distractions calling out my name to remind me to get them done; the front door calls out my name three different times at bedtime asking me to make sure that it’s locked...just in case. My laundry; even when I’ve finished it for the day, there’s still a delicate or a dark laying in the bottom of the hamper saying,“I know I’m supposed to wait until you have more of us, but I feel dirty. Can you please just send me through the delicate cycle by myself?”

I have such a hard time letting myself rest when I'm at home, and I feel like if I had less, I'd relax more.

After my Mom died, my three sisters and I went through her home and belongings. I went for the books because I wanted to see what pages she had marked and dog-eared, what books were her favorites, what quotes were highlighted and who she had read again and again. I was surprised to find quite a few Henry David Thoreau books because she never mentioned him. She had highlighted one quote from Walden and Other Writings of Henry David Thoreau, and the quote defined my mom to a “T.”


“Simplify the outward circumstances – learn to delight in the simple pleasures which the world of nature affords. Also means, scorn public opinion – refuse to accept the common definitions of success – refuse to be moved by the judgement of others.” – Walden and Others Writings of Henry David Thoreau,” edited and with an Introduction by Joseph Wood Krutch.



She had also written the quote on a slip of paper that she seemed to use as a bookmark. I wondered whether she recognized herself in this quote, or if she strived to be that simplified.


She treasured simple things, found wonder in simple pleasures, loved being outside and at the beach, and never cared what people thought of her. She’s the one that taught me to never worry about what people think, and in a separate lesson, do worry about how they feel. Two very different connections to others, and lessons that I carry around with me to this day that I have passed on to my kids.

When I was married, I lived in big homes and had lots of stuff. Now I live in a condo and I still have lots of stuff. It doesn’t compute. But I know when I pare down, I feel better, lighter and happier.


“We are happy in proportion to the things we can do without.”


Guess who said that.

“S” is for Simplify because life is already hard. If I can find a way to add more simplicity, I'm in.


What one thing can you do this week to simplify your life?

Your answer might be different every week, but if you ask yourself that question every Sunday, who knows what things you might accomplish.

My answer this week is that my lanai needs to be simplified, cleaner and cozier. I spend about an hour out there every day now that summer is here. It’s hot but I cherish the quiet of summer so much that I don’t mind the heat. I actually have three orchids blooming out there right now. Normally I don’t even have one. My lanai is calling out my name to come sit down. To be out there enjoying the outside and my surroundings would add simplicity to my life, so I am pledging to create a better lanai by next Sunday, simply put.

I will see you letter! xo


"Our life is frittered away by detail... simplify, simplify."  HDT 



Make Better Choices Today 2016 ~               xo Katherine


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