Seven Days, on Purpose

Friday, January 17, 2014

Appreciation - Find it Here!

"Seven Days, on Purpose"

I LOVE Friday's. My favorite part has to be not having to set my alarm when I go to sleep that night. TOnight. (insert smiley face HERE.) So...Happy Friday, no matter what day you read this!

I decided to make my first blog about appreciation. There is so much we expect from the world, but we seem to expect so much more from ourselves. If we were to imagine extending our arms outward, we could fill up the empty space in front of us easily with our abundance.

The fact that you can read my blog with healthy eyes, a computer or a smartphone and an education all prove to be blessings. These items are not needs, or something everyone has. We could also fill the space with clean water, enough clothes and shoes (to dress a small city’s population, in my case), possibly a car to get us to where we want to go, some of us have healthy children, our good friends and family and lots and lots of food in the fridge and pantry. And let’s not forget the countless phone calls from mom, for some of us. 

 As women, we have SO much work to do. So many things need our attention on a daily basis. We all know how many times we go to bed thinking about the things that we didn't finish or what we could have done better. But it’s important to remember and focus on the things that we did finish and did get right.

I recently attended a worship service (something I don’t do enough). The lesson began as a reminder to be appreciative. There are seven days in a week, on purpose. The six days allow us to work and move forward and prosper and accomplish. The seventh day? It’s time to stop to breathe it all in. To take a breath and then blow it all out. Even if you are working that day.

The seventh day allows us the time to think about all that we have done during the past week. What we have learned from it, and then the ability to wipe the slate clean. Forget and put aside the things that didn’t get done. The people we didn’t visit. The forgotten errands. Even if it was a hard week, we can find something good. Appreciate that you were able to get through it and that you’re still here to celebrate it. Use it to rest and mentally prepare for the next week.

My day of thanks is Sunday, but you can make it any day you choose. Just make sure that you have an ending and starting point somewhere in your week. Don't wait for special occasions to feel special. As Hallmark says, Life is a Special Occasion!

Thank you for coming by… I appreciate it. 🙂    ~~ Katherine A. Rayne ~~

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