“T” is for Being Your Own Teacher

"T" is for Being Your Own Teacher

Life gets stale if we allow it. I came across a saying that said we should always be expanding. Just coming out of a summer break, I haven't been doing that with exception to my dress size. That's not teaching, that's eating.

As a preschool teacher, I get to encourage my students to expand their sweet minds, but I will say that it's not always easy to expand myself each day. Even though I love to create and learn, some days my energy is tapped out. Being my own teacher, I should be looking to learn something new every day. Even if life is going great, it still needs renewal.

We could let our disturbances shake us up, or better yet, we can put those to the side and allow something fun and creative to do it instead. It would take my focus away from the disturbances of life and I could then aim at the creativity going on. Creativity equals rejuvenation.

By making ourselves learn more each day and create each day, we change the outcome of our day and our future, even by the tiniest of change. In short, we are more capable than our current existence, no matter what it might be.

Through life there are so many things that can get us down; hardships, struggles or the demands of the day, but there are so many good things, too. I think the secret to a good day is to always be searching for and creating the good things.

Expand outside of the disturbances.

You know how easy it is to reach out with good advice for friends, family and even strangers when they voice their troubles. They speak their worries out loud and right away we start giving them the advice that we hope will be the key piece to ease their burdens. Sometimes it will create an “ah-ha” moment for them and spur their train of thought into a more productive way of thinking towards self-relief and solution that now exists simply because they asked for advice and we offered ours. They have something to aim for now. We all need something to aim for, and not just long term, but something every day.

I loved track when I was in school, especially the relay race. When you have a team depending on you, you run more for them than for yourself. Your grip on the baton is tight so that you won’t drop it and when you come around the turn, you aim the baton for their outstretched hand and trust them to take it as you hand it off. You slow down and rest while watching them take their stride heading for the next runner or finish line. You micromanage the hand-off so that they can have the best chance possible. I can remember the races when I dropped the baton more vividly than I can remember the races that were won. You want to create success for them, which is the same for the advice that we offer. We all want great results in any race we are in. We need that magical baton to run with, and many times it is us that needs to give it to ourselves.

To get into a mind frame of learning and growth, other things need to be put on our back burners. In order to weed out our worries, asking ourselves questions can redirect our thoughts towards solutions:

What’s the worst thing that could happen if (fill in blank) happens?
Will it be the end of the world if it happens?
Will this matter five years from now?
What steps can I take to make it better?

Once we have questions about it, then we can hand ourselves the answers. There’s always the problems that can’t be fixed, but there are many problems where the solution is obvious, attainable and do-able. So often I put things off because the work entailed is overwhelming, or because I’m not sure how to proceed, but it always ends up that once I begin, I can finish.

Teaching ourselves each day doesn’t have to be about our burdens, and it doesn’t have to mean learning foreign languages, either. Sometimes it’s just learning more about who we are and what we're capable of. Most of the time we'll impress ourselves. The point is that it leads us to another “place” that we might not have gone if we hadn’t questioned it and been curious. Being curious expands us.

Always wake up wondering what you are going to teach yourself today. Make today different simply because you can. Journaling about it at the end of each day encourages you to do it all over again tomorrow. Wake up each day with your baton in your hand and carry it to your finish line.


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