time flies

t is for time

Time Flies

I am now on summer break and as much as I look forward to summers off as a teacher, I'm also aware of how fast time goes by. So far my summer has been very balanced, with just the right amount of fun and work.

As a single mom, I'm always behind. Dishes, laundry, household stuff mostly. To begin the catch-up, I dive in. I've already made a few trips to drop off "clutter" for donations and consignment. I've filled up the trash can and recycling bins with even more clutter. My pantry and refrigerator, as well as my family room have been cleaned up and out.

My intent this week, and hopefully throughout the summer, will be to keep an eye on time. It passes so quickly and if i'm not careful, I will get the mindset of, "there's plenty of time to do that LATER."

Here is to a summer of doing it now and having the mind frame to make sure I do enough of everything and on time. And to let the procrastination bug come alive only on Sunday's.

Your intent word can begin with the letter "t" also, or you can use any word that will work for your week ahead that will give you the grounding you need to have better focus and enjoyment.

Happy week of intent!

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