Tissue Issues

Tissue Issues

I read an article today that mentioned a catch phrase that I’d never heard before; your issues are in your tissues, implying that what ails us begins in our skin. I believe that applies to so many issues that we have. If we ate better, exercised more and took in less toxins, we’d have less health issues. Our skin tissue is our biggest organ after all. It will affect every area of our body and health if it isn't cared for. We should take good care of it. But. What if my issue is being a shoe horse? How does that begin with my skin?

I’m at the (ripe old) age that I never ever buy a pair of uncomfortable shoes. If they aren't comfortable during a brief walk around the department store, they go back on the rack, so there isn't one single pair of uncomfortable shoes in my closet. If there was, at least I'd have a good reason to get rid of a few pairs! But they are all comfortable.

A cleaning lady a few years back JUST HAD TO KNOW how many pairs of shoes were hiding within the confines of my closet. I told her to go ahead and count. Just don’t tell my husband (now my ex). It was a tad over 100 pairs. My defense is that my shoe size has not changed since I was 16 and I tend to hang on to shoes forever. Also, I don’t wear many of them often enough to wear them out. I do remember one older pair of sandals that I had pulled out from the crevices of my closet. I wore them to work. While walking through the hallways, I unknowingly left a trail of black dust behind me as they came apart with each step. Thank goodness that out of those over 100 pairs of shoes, one of them was in my car as a back-up, albeit beach shoes, but they worked in a pinch.

I love shoes!

My eleven-year-old daughter has caught the bug. I don’t allow her to go too crazy with shoes because her size will change over the next few years. But. She loves shoes. She has issues in her tissues, too. It’s definitely hereditary. Once she grows one more full size she’ll be able to wear mine. I’m not too worried. I’m actually excited because some of my shoes will then have hopes of being worn. I’m a creature of habit, so I tend to wear the same few pairs over and over again. I vowed a couple of years ago to use them or lose them, but that’s when the black dust happened. Now I’m hesitant to pull out pairs from the depths of darkness in my closet.

I often go through periods where I won’t allow myself to walk through shoe departments. I refrain from buying any new ones. When DSW came into my city, I knew I was in trouble. It’s a blessing that I live on one side of town and their store is on the other. I can go into DSW and find five pairs that I must have. So I don’t go. As much as I love shoes, I really truly don’t want any more, but when the disease strikes, I’m jello. I NEVER EVER have to go looking for the perfect pair of shoes for an outfit, even if the outfit is new. I always have a pair to go perfectly. When I do buy shoes, it’s just random hit and run. On rare occasions when I need cheering up, I shop specifically for shoes. They really cheer me up for some reason. Maybe because they are usually what lift me up. All 5’1-1/4” of me. Heels are just crazy amazing, aren't they? They are instant confidence and allow more of the world within my reach. I walk with heels in the kitchen and I’m instantly a chef who can attain any dish, plate, jar or recipe book tucked away in the high cupboards.  

I love the pairs that go with almost anything. It helps that I love the colors of gray or black for my wardrobe. There are shoes that will go with either color that I can wear again and again. And how is it that there is always another shoe style or design? I don’t have any pairs that look the same. They all have a different characteristic than the next pair. Like our fingerprints, no two are alike. How lucky is that?!

I admit that I have a problem. I even admit it to my daughter. But with a smile. Shoes just make me happy! And they are fun to shop for. I don’t need that many, I don’t wear that many, but they sure can make me smile when I find a pair I love. If there are issues that we have that begin in our skin, I prefer ones that make me smile.

So as the saying goes, our issues are in our tissues, and for me it’s true. Shoes usually come in a box covered in tissues. How do I heal that one? If you ever figure out the answer to that, let me know. Until then, you can find me in the shoe department. Smiling.

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Happy Holidays!! Don't forget to breathe, £Ο¥€ ♥ !  ΧΟ

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