u is for unnecessary

Avoiding the Unnecessary

Unnecessary is my word of intent this week. There's so many ways to spend my time and I want to have the intent to do things that count, versus wasting time or energy on things that don't. Making it count probably has less T.V. in my future (sorry, Chip and Jo), and more doing things of the heart and of matter.

I want to avoid unnecessary spending, trips to the grocery store (unless it's for toilet paper, of course), purchases and even unnecessary thoughts. Anything I don't need or don't need to be doing, is what I want my week ahead to be about. I started by ordering fish food for my betta from Amazon, versus running to the pet store for a simple item. I love Amazon.

Making intentions, even if it works out to only an 80% success rate, is better than not having intentions in place at all. Intent gives me direction and better focus.

Happy U week!

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