Use Your Airstairs – “H” is for Higher

I'm late posting my blog simply because life happened. But here's what happens when life happens; we get to use our airstairs. #BetterChoices2016

 “H” is for Higher – Use your Airstairs

Once we are in a place that brings us down, we need to remember our airstairs. Airstairs are the stairs that lead up to an airplane to embark from. We all have our own set. In a long ago previous blog, I wrote about how we all have ladders outside of our front door to measure our actions at the end of every day. You can go up your rungs, or down them, until you become a rung leader. In this blog, “H is for Higher,” I’m writing about how the negativity in our life can still be positive.

Our set of airstairs have limitless steps. We continuously climb them, but it's easy to get stuck on the 10th step, or the 19th step, or the 51st step while we struggle in our difficult situations. We sit down and rest and wonder how we will move past the challenge. When we become stuck, we need to remind ourselves to continue climbing upwards. We aren’t supposed to stop. We can wallow and mourn for a while, but eventually we need to walk past our stresses by going above them, even while still dealing with them.

What is your stress? It’s often something beyond our control. We can learn to step passed it by acknowledging that we don’t have to stay IN it. We can refuse being held hostage on that one lone step. Continuing our upward journey gives us more options and better views that come from going above it. We’ll still feel the frustration of the challenge, but our focus should be on what else we can do instead of sitting on this step. Focus on your upward steps when life has the ability to bring you down. You still get to go up. Focus on the things that are waiting for you, even if you don't know what they are yet.

Make Better Choices Today 2016 ~               xo Katherine
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