“V” is for Ten (10) Ways to Visualize the Kind of Day You Want to Have

There are so many things about our day that we can’t control, but one of the things that we can control is our thoughts. When negative thoughts wiggle their way into our minds, there are ways to override them. Visualizing your day is like making intentions. The result of how our day goes has a lot to do with how we forecast it before it even begins.

Visualizing what your behavior and reactions will be throughout the day give you a positive plan of action so that you can end your day on a successful note, no matter what you might battle with during the day.

Ten (10) things to visualize about your day before it even begins:

  1. Having healthier actions. If you want to make better food choices during your day ahead, plan your meals in your head first thing in the morning and what foods you will avoid. Also make a mental note about what time you will squeeze in some exercise, whether it’s at home, at a gym or going for a walk or run, even if it’s just some lunges in your living room. Think positive.
  2. Plan on having positive reactions to any negativity that comes along and imagine how you’ll keep a positive spin on your reactions. I can spit out negativity just as easily as positivity. Be ready to spit out positive reactions to anyone and anything as it happens. Be positive.
  3. Plan to slow down long enough to connect to others, even if briefly. Think of the many moments that we rush through in a day and slow a few of them down. Feel positive.
  4. Make a mental note and visualize what two things you want off of your to-do list today and how you will fit them into your day. Checking them off will make a positive in your day.
  5. Who do you need to reach out to today that you haven’t spoken with in a while and have been meaning to call? Determine the time of day that you will be connecting with them so that it’s already a plan. Do positive.
  6. Visualize how your day will unfold. Do you need an extra ten minutes in the morning so that it will come together calmly? Envision yourself leaving the house relaxed and not rushing. Act positive.
  7. Give yourself a word to describe how your day will go. How do you want it to go? Successfully? Accomplished? Calmly? Stress-free? Label your day in advance so that you have preplanned the best way to proceed. Plan for the positive.
  8. How will you handle the stress that is on its way? Something almost always throws a wrench into your day. See yourself handling it in a calm and positive way. Embrace positive.
  9. When you get home to family after a long day, how do you see yourself being a support and inspiration to others in your home? Implement the positive.
  10. How can you envision being a support to yourself once you are home and in need of rest and renewal? Engage positive.

Pick three or four of these that relate to your day to help you begin visualizing and changing your daily outcome. If you need to write them down to help you focus on them better, use a journal each morning to write down what will be positive about you and your day ahead. Planning ahead with good intentions increases the chances that it will unfold as a positive day.

xo Katherine

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"U" is for underutilized tools we own

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