Worrying is Stupid…

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Worrying is Stupid...

"Worrying is Stupid. It's like walking around with an umbrella waiting for it to rain."Wiz Khalifa

I came across this quote today and decided I must share it. I want to relieve women of worry it seems, so this comparison of worry to an unnecessary umbrella is inspiration for me (and my worries). I have never heard of Mr. Wiz Khalifa until today, but after dutifully Googling him, I found that "Wiz" is his nickname because of his wisdom, and that he likes cannabis. I find his words inspiring enough to quote, regardless of his habits. Because it is truthful.

I know this because of my habits. A worrier.

I want our inner light to calm and suffocate our worries. Because it really is wasteful. Our energies can be better utilized if we think, breathe and focus on something better. Something more useful.

In my book, Back To Being A Woman (Without Changing the Man), one of my chapters discuss confidence within ourselves in all areas, including our physical traits. We each know what we dislike about our body. Big nose, small breasts, thick thighs, surgical scars. And I can compare worry to the negative focus we put on our physical traits that we aren't happy with.

Stop focusing on those traits of yourself. Don't let them overshadow all of your best features. Let your good traits stand up and shine.

Worry does not have to be a part of your day. You can shove it off to the side so that your intelligence and common sense can come through.

So that ideas of what your day will entail can push forward. Why worry about that meeting? Why worry about what's for dinner? Why worry that you didn't get to the gym once again? Why worry that you are running late in traffic? That ten minutes of worry won't fix it for you or improve upon it. You will still be in the same dilemma as before you began to worry. What if you focus on how you are going to limit that situation in the future? Set a plan. Or just let them go. The moments will pass. Think about better things. Acknowledge that dinner will still taste good, no matter what you decide to have. Remember that the meeting will happen, ready or not. Take it in stride.

Our days will always have challenges. Accept the challenges, including the unplanned ones. Have the confidence that you will make it through, just as you have every other day of your life.

They are such small matters in the context of life. Life is so much bigger than the worry we create for ourselves. Soooo much bigger. Create a habit of positives. Look for the good, even in the bad.

Ask yourself what is the silver lining. And reflect it onto your day.

Love, ~Katherine~

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