plan a week of workouts

x is for exercise

X is for Exercise

Now that summer is here, I have more time for this. I've already begun walking more but my gym is missing me so now I'm aiming for more exercise there as well. It always feels like a big deal beginning workouts, but once that habit is formed literally within two weeks, I can't wait to go back.

There's so many different ways to workout, and I have so many supplies at home to help with it as well, but the gym makes it a more formal experience and once I'm there, it's easy to keep going for the hour I like to stay for. At home, I may start working out, but slack off much sooner.

Wish me luck, and I wish you luck in what your intent for the week is. xo

My blog in 2016 for letter X is also here and is about expectations of your day, which is the same as having intentions for your day.

I have a free printable that is a simple worksheet to write in your daily exercise activities for the week here.

I have a selection of books on Amazon to choose from here, underĀ Katherine A. Rayne.

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