You Grow, Girl!

"You Grow, Girl!"

That's what I want you to do this year. Grow in every direction. Jim Rohn said, Life does not get better by chance, life gets better by change. And I said, right, and it depends big-time on our choices.

The new year is always about being better, but what if you are already just right? How about if you are already perfect as you are? What if it's not you that needs changes, but your decision making and choices that need to be tweaked? That's kinda' sorta almost everyone, minus God-awful criminals. They need more than a few tweaks, but you are created to be a full on tweaker. We can't sit still and not take on changes. It's not in our nature of being human. We love change.

We're changing our resolutions to revolutions this year. Resolutions peter out and disappear. Revolutions are about real changes.

So many of us feel like we can't be who we want to be and therefor we can't be happy until we are who we would like to be...but I'm thinking that we've forgotten that we are SuperHERo's! Ladies, we are FEMALE. Are you kidding me? We've got nerves of steel, energy to burn, love that turns us into grizzlies when needed, determination that won't end just because 2015 does. We blaze a trail where ever we go. We got this!

Think about how much you've overcome in your life so far. You've taken on the messes and the problems and the tragedies, and you're still standing. A few decisions and choices do not have any business standing in your way! Kick their butts out of your path and make 2016 happen in the way that you want it to.

And don't be so frickin' hard on yourself in the process. Mistakes = life. Live your life as a human being that knows her stuff. And owns it. Because we sure know that we are good at cleaning it all up and continuing on.

Watch for my once a week emails from here on out. (receive them by getting my newsletters) I'm sending you the ABC's of change, one letter at a time. I'm attaching the very simple 2016 Goal Worksheet that I've created for this year. Print it out or make your own, but put down what you want your changes and decisions to look like this year. And post it somewhere so that you see it each day.

See you super duper soon. Tomorrow, January 1st (holy cow) you will see my post, "A is for Accepting Your Present Existence" in your inbox.

Share this if you want more friends in on it with us. Happy New Year!

Geronimoooooo!!! You Grow, girl !

Katherine  xo

P. S. Don't forget to do your 2016Goal Worksheet here.

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