Z is for Zen

z is for zen

z is for zen

Since this is my summer off, zen is going to be easy and what better way to end the blogs of intention with something simple and calming? Here is to a week of calm actions, relaxing and maybe throwing in some zen yoga.

I hope you've had some positive experiences following along with my A to Z of intentions. I hope you keep the habit alive, especially when your direction isn't clear, or your focus is off a bit.

Keep adding a word to your mirror in the morning when needed or when you notice something is missing in your day to day. Even if it's just something that will put a smile on your face or jump start a new habit.

Thank you for following along and the feedback I've received. My blogs aren't a consistent habit I keep but it is one I love and will keep coming back to. Thanks for coming along on this one!


You can review all my blogs including the last 26 here, including 2016's A to Z blogs. Have a great week!

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