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  • I'm an author who prefers calm over chaos, loves having control of my day, pursues my purpose and creates a life I'm passionate about. ♥ I've been writing in support of busy women and moms for years and I want to first offer up my praise of your hard work and all of the tasks that you take on daily. How do we do it?! God only knows, but I'm with you. I watch you do it and I work myself into exhaustion alongside you and I have always felt that there's definitely a better way. So I've created it in different forms.
  • Most come in the form of my books that I've written in order to share different ways of getting back on board with YOUR life. I no longer put my passions or hobbies on my back burner. I don't even use the back burner anymore. Now I keep things cooking on the front burners, and not just the dreaded laundry; fun stuff, too.
  • You deserve better and I want to make sure you get it.
  • My books are sold on Amazon in paperback and/or ebook form. Each one of them has been written in order to help you thrive. You are one click away from living your better life.
  • I'm an author, a freelance writer, a blogger and a preschool teacher. I'm a contributor at onMOGUL.com and have been published in Neapolitan Family magazine, Suncoast Transformation magazine, etransformation magazine, with online inspirational site Positively Positive, & The Home Economist. I'm the mother of two; a son and daughter. My dog, Muffin, is the warm and fuzzy in our home.

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My Community

My most important message is that we are all in this together. In order to thrive, we need the support and love of others. Reaching out to so many women this way in order to show my support is what runs this website. I love seeing women make the decisions and choices they deserve. 


"Your work is to discover your world, and then with all your heart give yourself to it."  Buddha


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Join My Journey

 All the scrapes and bruises of life aren't scars, they are beauty marks. We can take so much from tragedies and challenges, but I want you to take the beauty from it, too. 

I am living and learning while being a support to others, whether it's through my blogs, emails, books or social media. Follow me on my social media channels so we can do it together.

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